1. SS4 Gogeta

    Robotic Exoskeleton helps the disabled move,2933,514059,00.html
  2. M

    GTA - Helps Save Lives

    Here's an unusual story, GTA is actually being portrayed in a positive light for helping to save the life of a family. An 11 year old girl knew from playing GTA the dangers of a potential vehicle rollover. With a bit of quick-thinking, she helped pull out her family members to safety and her Mom...
  3. wheres_

    Ripped cloth helps :'(

    Hello people, im trying to get a bit of ripped cloth of the end of this zangetsu. I've tried all kinds of saving it in index and **** and selecting the trans and what not. I think i've tried it everyway except the correct one. So if someone could please explain really simply for me that was be...
  4. gokuss2

    Looked songs it helps

    Hi ^^ I seek for these two songs name of the song and the group please and to put it to come out please: (dbzhood) (esf)
  5. M

    this helps

    how come when somebody transforms somebody can still hit you? you should have like a energy sheild around you and the shield should be able to break after like 2 spirit bombs
  6. S


    can sum1 tell me what to download to get all this evm thing all right and where to put all the stuff i download. i been trying for 3 days.please help :cry: me
  7. S

    Thermal Throttling, how it helps :O.

    Heh, watch this video of pentium 4s with it and of athlon XPs without it. (Kinda old, but still fun to watch.)
  8. N

    Read all the other helps, an still needin help :P

    Hello, this is my first post here but it wont be my last. Its good to finally find a good looking dbz mod. Heres my delema. I installed half-life, have steam running. Now I am trying to install esf. I download the file from the existing links (couldnt get the 100% non currop downloads for some...
  9. D


    Ok promblem 1.) When i try to connect to a ESF server from Stream it says "establishing connection" then 2 sec later it says "did not establish connection" i need some ideas ;( im pissed at steam but w/e thanks cya
  10. L

    2 helps please

    someone can give me link to EVM please? and where i can download esf 1.2? thanks!!!!
  11. Gangster464

    Need help bad

    NEED HELP BBBAAADDD!!!! O_O Look people i really need help lets say i just downloaded a ssj4 vegeta, which character will it replace or can i choose, if i can or cant, how do i do it, and when I do have my ssj 4 model downloaded will it always be a ssj4 or will it start out as normal vegeta and...
  12. Ã

    SSj3 Vegeta

    do u like wat i am makeing [/IMG]
  13. W

    ms3d help plz!

    i need dl to milkshape 3D 1.6.3 ! not another version cause i love this version plz.
  14. Z

    Modell Request ..

    Well, It's a modell I'd personally like to have .. It's Van Fanelia from Escaflowne .. The modell is not to be undero 2000 polys, and I can do the mesh (skinmapp) myself .. However , if anyone helps me out , I'll make him a skinning video ;x . (shows my work) . Some referances can be found...
  15. P

    Comments on my site layout plz

    Ok, a couple of things I want you to keep in mind before making comments: -I wanted this site to be fast loadable for everyone (56k users too). -Wanted to keep the site to the point not only about the layout but also for the info itself. The link to the site is 56k...
  16. Eider


    I dont know if theres a request thread here soo, here ya go: -Is it possible to make a map with a space traveller (like the one goku travelled to Namek with). And then u should be able to switch gravity higher and ur Ki goes higher when fighting in it ???
  17. W

    BIG PROB WITH [email protected]!#! help me [email protected]#!#@

    i got prob with ms3d i wen i enter the code and the name he said thet i am register but then wen he restart the ms3d he write me thet i need to wait 2 min to be registerd wan i do thet i tryng to save my work but he is still said`s thet i am not register... and wen i relunche the ms3d he...
  18. CM

    Milkshape help

    i entered the name and serial after expiration, but the thing still says u cant save. When i open it, it says u have registered but u have to run ms3d for at least 2 mins to have the registeration completed, i run it for 2 HOURS and it still wont let me save
  19. JDeezNutz

    Majin Vegeta 1.1 model

    i have been searching and i couldnt find a majin vegeta model anywhere, maybe i didnt look hard enough or maybe i did, but anyway, if someone has a majin vegeta compatible with 1.1, can you please tell me where to get it, thanks
  20. I

    finalflashtrail.spr cant extract whit sprite wizard

    i whont extract spr files