1. Ka1s3r_x

    hehe new ones

    since you lazy bums spammed in my previous thread and didnt reply again im gonna torture you with my 2 new tags :) C&C damn it !!! =P
  2. Volosity

    i am a living work of art!!! hehe help!

    this is what i made in paintshop till i get my new comp. tomarrow and i need some 1 to help me make a layout i have no 1 with grafic skills and we have a good bit of space to put it on also i need a coder :( plz and thc hehe don't look or it will hurt you!!!!
  3. S

    New sig, hehe

    I made myself a new sig. So what do you think?
  4. crazykorean10

    umm hey guys hehe.... i can explain

    well once i left my crappy dad said i could use the comp again i was like O_O and all i have bin doing is waiting so hello.....
  5. 009

    Some times I feel lucky... hehe :p

    Some times I feel lucky... You can post screenshots of something where you feel lucky in esf.. Full Loaded Kamehameha vs a final flash that not was loaded at all xD Have you seen I push 2 kamehame's ? :smile: hehe :laff: my final flash was not loaded.. but what ever :laff...
  6. Guru_San

    SPiN sooks hehe sigAz

    Well i made this as soon as i decided to come back here, so i did it in no time lol was just going to be a temp sig. C+C -SaN
  7. G

    Last try hehe

    i dont know what i should put on it (what to write on it) and wich colour / font i should use for it.. and... what could i improve on it ? and here another one.. using brushes on this one i would like some C&C and tips to improve ill just throw in my second brushed image since...
  8. Goten-son

    hehe kinda dull up in this section

    hey hey, where did all the mappers go? lol i was hoping for some new maps coming. but i haven't seen many new maps poping up any where =P just thought id post here and see what all the mappers are up to and if they want they can post a few ideas they might have instore for us later on/wip they...
  9. Froggo

    hehe.. Making Sig's making sig's

    hehe.. I am currently making sig's for anyone who wants them but i would like a few facts before i start like What color theme, What pictures, what size and what text, And ill get on it right later EDIT EDIT:: Heres The first one, Vegeta's Briefs :D Taking Critisism on all of the sig's...
  10. N

    Katana man by Nicho

    Hey guys, drew another picture just for fun, hehe. Click Here! Crits/Comments plz.. Thanks Please also feel free to cheak out my new site ' Generic Studios 'here.
  11. SailorAlea

    Kaioshin/SupremeKai Model

    I was wondering if anyone has a model for Kaioshin(Supreme Kai in the dub), and a soundpack to go along with it? I searched GSF and Redsaiyan, but couldn't find any.. I didn't put this in the 'request for model to be made' folder, because I'm asking if one already exists. Much thanks..
  12. I

    Nuttzy Base-DA Black Goku

    ive made a model of da black goku using nuttzy's base model.. im not racist i just wanted to do it :D
  13. I

    goten model

    the gohan model didnt look too good.. so im starting on my second model which will be goten... it looks good to me so far since its my second model ever.. well enjoy
  14. B

    DBZ Character Heads with Photoshop

    Well I got bored one day and decided to make a character with photoshop. I made that one to match my name (EvilChimp) :D Then I decided to move to DBZ characters so I decided to make Cell for my first one today. And here it is I made both of these entirely from photoshop, all I...
  15. Kama

    KK, to ESF

    I used to do mini comics on the DMZ forums, I posted this one, based on my experience with the ESF modification, there awhile ago, it had a good reaction. So I decided to try it here, if you guys like it I may do more. Or show my past ones... which don't relate to ESF but I still enjoy. So enjoy!
  16. -Origin

    3dsmax help

    Hey there, I got a question: I'm trying to edit a model in 3dsmax, but I can't import .mdl or .smd files. It wants a proper import module, which I can't find anywhere...... help please?
  17. grOOvy

    ESF Real Life Mural =)

    Welcome to the ESF Real Life Web Mural! \o/ Ok, I've been collecting pics from forum users, IRC users, Beta Testers, Team Members and Forum staff (everyone, heh =P). And this project is basically a 3200x2400 sized mural, which contains real life pics cut away and put in nicely into one huge...
  18. I

    First try at humanoid sprites...

    Well, i realized that i'll never be able to draw good on a computer till i get a digi-pen. But i found a good passtime, eh... tallent? Can i say that? Well here it goes: *Here's a picture of basic angles... *Here i tried my little guy in seasonal background...
  19. J


    yay im unbanned and now i can post da bender :D for whoever did not see on sos, just a quickie model i did when i was bored. 850 polies w/o accessories :D crits, comments?
  20. R

    And so....I did something noone expected....

    Lets see....first I made homepages....then I did some PHP and forum management....then I went over to sprite-making,then mapping....then I tried a bit of coding....but this is what I do when Im bored The NS poster Flay doesn''t know,and its only my poster,no public release because....well...