1. S

    NoN ESF, Optimus Prime

    Hi guys, just posted the new Optimus Prime skinned model for Rivalry of Legends, Check the potw for a full screen render!!! http://www.rol.flagrun.net/index.php Thanks for your comments and critz Showster
  2. P


    ok! on the right hand side i already said that im a noobz. I can only colour the skin not change it or draw a new one if theres something wrong, i can't change it cause it is.... Try Downloading Brollmans Bojack Trunks and HL Model Viewer and try repair it can you? If you can teach me...
  3. A

    Vegeta's Renzoku

    How do u use it in the game?
  4. M

    how do you model

    :( how do i make my on model :confused:
  5. Z

    wariors of destiny

    hy im making a game and want some modlers animators for it info: the game is mostly going to be a rpg style game with quests and stuff its a dbz game but the chars look a litle difrent and going to have another name (so funamation cant suw us hehe) its goig to be a stand alone based on the...
  6. Marauder

    Specter's Wallpaper Thread

    Wp thread ok, so i wont start floding the forums with threads, ill make one ^.^ here is my 2nd wp, i will post more when i make em^^
  7. V

    Logan4434's SSJ2 Goku model

    Does anyone know where I can get this model? I've been asking Logan through PM but he hasn't responded. So could someone if you have it please send it to slapmaster25@yahoo.com. Thanks. Oh and someone should really put this model up at www.redsaiyan.net. I don't know why so many people make...
  8. S

    NON DBZ figures

    is it possible that some people ever maded non-DBZ figures (like a sayan called Hurukai or something like that)
  9. VivaLaPineapple

    my first 3d animation

    i know its pretty crappy but hye i tought id show it off. thats 132 frames of animation. its about 600kb http://members.lycos.co.uk/socketto/clown.avi

    Photo shop tutorials?

    Can anyone give me a good site for online tutorials for photo shop 7.0....thanks.
  11. Macro-Gamer

    Sig Crits Please!

    i have made a couple of sigs for some people and i have gotten a new host so the pics should work now. tell me wat u think, and all opinions are wanted. P.S geocities SUX!
  12. S

    i suck hehe deal with it

    just another sig... i really have nothing to work on so im taking old pics of myself and fing with them
  13. A

    kid buu

    hey people i wanted to ask u , all umodellers skinners what so ever , if any1 is making a kid buu now cuz i see alot of ssj's and other models bu nobody does buu models , so i just wanted to ask if some1 is making a buu model and yes ! i searchedthe forum's but buu is a 3...
  14. Kain

    SSj2 lightning aura

    is there a lightening aura out there for download?
  15. KrazyKarl

    Everyones favorite Legendary SSJ

    This isnt really finished, had some trouble with the eyes and i got tired of all the shading so... heres where i stopped
  16. Epedemic_Optikz

    Tien model

    Does anyone Have A Tien Model.I Am Doing An Expirement :devgrin: :]
  17. Marauder

    First sig(first time using photo shop)

    hey, this is my new sig, its the first time i used photo shop so dont laugh...
  18. M

    Kwiwwin :P

    finally remodelled and reskinned ;P
  19. F

    Futile's Sig Thread

    I'll just use this thread for my sigs....nothing else.
  20. E

    Adding floors/ceiling/roof help!!!

    I am making a map for ESF, as well as one for CS, and I'm using Valve Hammer 3.4. Where is the tool to add a floor and roof/ceiling to maps...? Any help would be greatly appreciated.