1. M

    You know what i hate

    I hate people who say "teh" why can't they just say the word like its supposed to be said?
  2. Suh Dude

    I hate my XBOX.

    Okay, I'm playing Morrowind and I end up crashing. Then it does it for like 69 times on my XBox. Then when I play my other games it doesn't play music for me. Could this be the problem of the lens in the XBox? I don't feel like sending it in and paying 70 bucks for it to be repaired. o_o
  3. Skyrider

    I hate the morning!

    Why? Always when i come online in the morning, and want to play some nice Earth Special Forces. All the servers are empty, someone should really restrict the time zones -_-
  4. TRSS

    Modeling request thread hate thread >_<

    heres to all the modelers out there, me personally, im sick of the modeling request thread, well not so much as the thread as the actuall requests themselves, some of them are just so rude and demanding, like somebody owes them something, modelers are busy people too ( some more than others >_>)...
  5. KilledWithStyle

    The Infamous Hate Thread, reloaded

    Yep that is right, its back again. The all infamous hate thread, the one where you get to insult the person before you. (Like before, I have PMed the head adminstrator, in this case Majin_You, before I created this thread) A few tips: (copied from the last version) Don't say anything that...
  6. |Overlord|

    The thing you hate most about n00bs

    Well, vote. I hate it when they accuse youof using h4x and go "y0u fkn haka turn off th0s3 h4x y0u ch34p 4ss O/. It's the esfn00bs that normally get on my nerves when they insult you and such and call you a freak jsut for being better then them. Counter-Strike player that accuse you of hacking...
  7. Mr. Satans

    As Much As I Hate Emo People...

    I gotta love the Emo Rangers They have the intro done for the movie, check it out HERE
  8. Numenor


    How come there seem to be less and less servers and players using the teamplay. FFA and CTB sux and tis only in teamplay that u can get some deacent 1v1 duleling without getting spc'd in the back by some noob cell. Also the servers are sticking on one map for FAR to long. I join I room and I see...
  9. Cold Steel

    I hate my own sigs.

    My signatures are bad, there's no denying it. So instead of going through the process of creating another one. I hereby request a signature. The theme I'd like is Berserk. The signature needs to have either Guts or Zodd in it. A dark colour scheme is preferred.
  10. Suh Dude


    Just kidding roflmao... I really suck at proportions. Maybe a few tips or fellow drawovers? wtf? :O
  11. J

    for when you hate your family members...

    no, normally i get along ok with my family, i keep out of their way, they keep out of mine. however, my sister emma is a complete *****, and loves to take every opertunity to wind me up. so, knowing i was halfway through watching a tv program, she turned the sky box over. i ask her to turn...
  12. S

    5 kinds of people you hate the most >.<

    Post the 5 kinds of people you hate the most, starting with the one you hate the least. 5. I hate people who talk behind my back, and when they're talking to me they act like they're my friend, those people can drop dead -_- 4. People who dont listen and act childish when im trying to...
  13. Cold Steel

    I'm leaving the team, I hate ESF !!!!

    j/k april fools. :p
  14. M

    animes u hate? may contain spoilers!

    hey.. its just as the title says! which animes to u hate! and WHY do u hate them?! i hate: Berserk Neon Genesis Evangelion i hate them both cus of the story! when i see an anime i apreciate a GREAT story more than GREAT action! ^_^ and these animes really starts to build up a great story...
  15. Optimus Prime

    Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

    Sorry for my use of the word playa, hopefully that didn't turn anybody off of this thread =P. Whether you're a sports fan or not, you'd have to be either a) dead, or b) Amish to not know about the recent altercations between NBA players and Fans. And when the NBA's hands were dripping with...
  16. Avenger

    What do you hate most?!

    What the title says =D - Yeah I know, another of my stupid polls..
  17. GhostfaceKillah

    why i hate computers (windows especially)

    im just gona vent some steam here... i HATE computers. I hate the way they freeze when you need them, i hate the way spyware is magnetically attracted to them, i hate the fact that i need like 10 programs just to keep my computer clean, i hate mozilla because it freezes all the time, i hate...
  18. RavenTrunks

    I Hate Hackers!

    OK i Hate Hackers.... My new $1,700 Computer gothacked. They got rid of the Bios on my motherboard! Why! :cry: Well Im gonna try to send the computer back saying it wasa defective board. Anyone have any "Been hacked" stories?
  19. Robby

    Dont you hate Tech Support?

    stupid questions and stuff ya know. watch this to see. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/192820 good stuff :warning: PLZ DO NOT WATCH THIS IF UNDER 13 :warning:
  20. Gogeta91

    I HATE STEEEEAAAAAM!! help please :D

    ok ok steams many problems for me: i used to play on won now that it dont work for esf i need to play HL/ESF on Steam. problem 1: i log onto my name on steam in the playgames list HL isn't there how do i get it there problem 2: i have my own retail version of hl when i try registering...