1. Sting

    Happy b-day Harsens

    Happy birthday and have a good evening :D
  2. Raven

    Happy Birthday Harsens

    Happy Birthday Harsens have a good one :-)
  3. Dokutayuu

    Happy Birthday harsens!

    29's a prime number, I really don't have anything else to say other than happy birthday! Ignore the numbers on the cake, you're not 6 ... or 2008!
  4. Skyrider

    Happy Birthday Harsens!

    28 years! Damn, you are way older than me! :p. ^ Sexeh girls for your birthday! You wish! :D
  5. Mr.Lukyas

    harSens's B-day

    Congratz harSens, have a wild one!
  6. S

    Happy Birthday harSens!

    Happy Birthday you coding machine! I got you these:
  7. Ravendust

    Happy Birthday HarSens :O

    Happy birthday you emu-fed code monkey :p Hope you have a good one :yes:
  8. harSens

    Help harSens with his master thesis

    As some of you know, I'm currently working on my master thesis. In this project, I'm trying to create a 3d, virtual human that performs a presentation in a meeting environment. see also: http://home.student.utwente.nl/h.vanwelbergen/master_thesis/index.html (and...
  9. Rocky


    I don't normally do these happy birthday threads but since he's an important guy and nobody else has done anything yet I figured I'd be a good forum member and be the first to congratulate HarSens on his 24th Bday. So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  10. O

    Harsens wrong version map

    See you upgraded youre server to 8 ppl but you seem to have put the 1.2 maps on it. So nobody can plays on it. ;)
  11. B

    Congratulations harSens!

    12 months exactly since your last Dev journal post! ;) Congrats
  12. G

    Happy Bday HarSens

    Holy hell. Lead coder of ESF himself has a Bday? ou guys arent grown? Anywayz, have a good day today man!
  13. MickeyG


    i sended a few pm's in the last 2 months why won't you reply =(... :\
  14. TAz00

    harSens updated FGD, with model rendering for VHE 3.5b

    Ok me and Mr. Satan edited the Fgd to make it display models with the 3.5b. Actually he did the code, and i fixed it :laff: Come to think of it that code was quite long... So heres a file for u TMS_ESF.FGD Right click save as is most effective here...
  15. MaX

    Hooray For Harsens

    good job on the After Image guys :)...muhaha lokk out whne im ssjgoku now. look like 3 gokus with a kameha lol.
  16. MickeyG

    the dragonballs(for harsens) (i know it's not done yet)

    but when thay fall out of the level..it just stays there.... i mayby found a fix for it :D Put this in ur ..Dragonballcreator.. maybe you could make a think 2.. so i will think every 2 seconds... if it falls out of the map it with say "Item item_dragonball fall out of the level 0,0,0" and...
  17. E

    moving death ball

    i'm busy trying to make a map with a sort of death ball (sphere made of red liquid that can kill) and would like to know how would i get it to move round on a path?
  18. K

    Message to Harsens

    hey, Thanks for the alpha 2.0 source. Promoting open-source projects is the best thing any programmer can do. and man is your code clean!!! thanks again, --Grant McNeil
  19. I

    TO Harsens

    Is that tutorial on how to scale the world and players still on the net and if so do you know where?
  20. OneWingedAngel

    To the Custom Char Idea thing

    Ok i didn't have time to read all that in the thread(The one about adding customs characters) Ya well i'm cool with the idea, but one thing maby not for beta 1 but later on you guys should make a SP for just those custom Characters as i said not for Beta 1 but some time down the road cause cause...