1. D

    what happend to oozaru's half way through dbz

    isnt it funny how when dbz first started when ever there was a good fight there were usually oozaru's then after a while the sayans not including goku lost there tails and then the oozaru's dissapeared of the face of the universe if anyone knows please explain ;/
  2. G

    2 things which happend me

    i dont know if somebody knows already but: If you shoot frieza disk and you get meeleed you dont stop flying! and if you meelee somebody and you charge up a kame or i think a beam 2 and he dies after he hits a wall than he was killed by the kame...... i hope you can understand this....(bad...
  3. Mr. Satans

    Bored? Need an idea? I HAVE 1!!

    Make a Mr. Satan model :yes: DakD was making one (I doubt he got started) but that of course never happend, many of my requests for a Mr. Satan model have been rejected as I expect this prolly will but if anyone would make one, I could make a sound pack for it! I had a Mr. Satan model...
  4. X

    Has this ever happend to anyone with high ping *I think its a bug*

    But sometimes, in most of the ESFORCES.COM servers. I move normally. My enemies see me normally. But sometimes when I type the messages are being received like 5 minutes later! Whats up with that? It couldn't be lag cause I had a 200ms ping and I never froze or anything. I was just moving...
  5. B

    What happend to the Jap Pack

    What happend to the Jap Pack? Also will it include any japenese music mp3 songs
  6. Y

    What Happend FOC?

    Is FOC Dead?
  7. MONXver2.0

    A sad thing happend today

    I started esf and went looking for a server, so I hit update, nothing came up so I hit it again, still not one dang server, not even a crummy high ping one. I hope the beta will change this. :(
  8. Z

    what ever happend to.....

    botm what is the link and i know this is spam but where should i put it then
  9. Chimpbot

    What ever happend to..

    What happenbed to PlanetNamek.com? It seemed like it just dropped off of the face of the Earth...did they shut down or something? Just kinda curious..
  10. RAZIEL

    What happend?

    What happend to the main page??? (ive been away for a while o_o )
  11. GLOsticks R Us

    GLO is back with some new comics!

    I just did some new comics, these actual events happend at school at lunch, meh and my friends, I represent the one in Blue... Hope you get a crack out of it:talk: . p.s. Gateway is refer to Gateway computers...:), and btw- Exams suck! -"GLO":shocked: