1. Zero12

    Hello people

    Hi the names Zero12 and i love me some esf and half life you will remember me as vegetafan or something forgot that account well i got half life by steam ;) and now i will use it with the right way i will now play some esf now lol and i will respect the rules nicely and the right way yes i like...
  2. stiffdog

    Hank Williams

    most of ya probably never heard of him but here he is:
  3. OubliezJe

    esf vs dmz picture (got bored)

    REALLY GOT BORED http://www.freewebs.com/esoldiers/websalbum.htm go there it should be there first picture thats loads tell me what ya think
  4. Gogeta91

    new modeler,lookin for ussj trunks

    Hi im a new modeler and i love playin ESF. I want to know if nyone has a Ussj trunks model and/or tell me a great program to make them. :talk:
  5. E

    Why are u guys makeing skins when we con't get em

    if u wanna make skins 2 show off eg: hear i have just made a new gohan skill hear it is and it look kool but we cont get it so Plz make links so we can download em. thank u
  6. J

    Any one interested in making this model?

    i just got don watching the GT Episode were Majin Buu and Uub fuse together and become Majin Uub, like what Piccolo and Nail did. And i was wondering if anyone has made or would be willing to make a Majin Uub model, you could have it so his normal would be the blue clothing he was wearing when...
  7. B

    who that know build models come in plz...

    if you know to build good models and they Pretty then talk with me in the icq . ICQ-146481745 Thank you BRNet.
  8. S


    Thnx, i didn´t no that, it´s much easier, thank you very much.
  9. S

    Verious Pencil sketches of DBNG

    this is how teck will look as a kid, ssj: hope you like, i might draw a pic of him normal later
  10. S

    gravity chamber

    i want to make a map so when u go into the gravity chamber it slowly increases your ki, i would also like 2 attach a switch that controls the gravity so u can increase/decrease it. If this is possible and you can help it would be very much appreciated.
  11. C


    how do i use models in the game?
  12. S

    i need 17

    i need 17 lool please
  13. S

    SSJ4 trunks

    has anybody ever thought of making a SSJ4 Trunks model that would be somthing to see i tihnk
  14. N

    heres a good model site

    http://members.lycos.nl/sniperkid/newpage10.html That site got some good downloads if they work... Ive gotten ssj3 goku and buu saga vegeta there and a ssj mystic gohan (dont know how gohan goes ssj mystic but w/e) :smile: :laff:
  15. N


    Damn it im getting sick and tired of it my porblem is... When i register it says i must wait 2 mins before the registration process is complete then i close milkshape after 3 mins and open it again but it wont work help me plzz.
  16. DaKD

    Vegeta Movie 6

    Update below
  17. T

    Dragonball HS characters

    Hy I'm a noob on this forum and i have a problem I can't get my picture on this thread cuz i donno how please help me. thanks
  18. G

    Why PLease TeLL me

    Why PLease TeLL me what did i do now. listen people u guys are great and i am glad im zero but zero wont be anymore and i now u guys are glad becauese i was zero. and i dont want to make the same mistake i youst too. thank u magus now i now how i was please tell me how i was people please :(
  19. shadow16

    loading quake 3 skins in ms3d

    I'm just wondering how do u load the .skin files in ms3d for quake 3 models....and how do u change the .skin to like a bmp/jpg.... sorry, but I have no clue about quake 3 models...so go easy on me.... Thanks
  20. S

    ok dokie final updates before sephiroth is released^_^

    ok we still need crits before we release it but here is wot i have done scince last night: as u can see i have put a better skin on the pants and arms and also i have recoulerd some parts of the eyes to make them stand out more. also u can see the arms are more like sephy's now ^_^ form...