1. Logan4434

    reanimating my models

    i will be reanimating all of my models for ESF beta 1.1 i will do it on my own and whenever I want so i dont kare what you say ill do it when I want to(emphisis on the capitol I's)
  2. L


    On the map im making, when you are at one side of the map, your unable to see the other side, how do you make it so you can? (with out making map smaller.....) O_O
  3. Pommy


    How do you make skins? I'm new to modeling/skinning.
  4. M

    Heres a idea...

    Well just a thought, (i dont want them) but What if someone model like mortal combat peeps etc scopian, sub zero, etc
  5. Rajikk

    Gmax vs Milkshape

    Ok can some people show me milkshape models and gmax models just want to see the difference in quality
  6. Mr. Satans

    .wrl Models

    What in teh heck d'ya use to make/edit .wrl models?
  7. Z

    New Soundpack

    hey guys im going to make a Soundpack, yet I need the program to do it. What is the program, any one know where, I can download/buy it? thanks
  8. C

    I need help!

    Will someone please help me start a model? Or at least give me the best tutorial for beginners? Ive seen a few tutorials and they are all dumb and confusing. they dont really explain Thank You
  9. saiyanslayer

    Gif Thx

    My new avatar is the result. I thank you all who helped.
  10. Hash

    Where do I put downloaded photoshop fonts?

    I know i probably sound like an idiot. But I just downloaded some fonts for photoshop 7.0, and i dont know where to put them. If someone could help me out. I would really apreciate it.
  11. S

    some one make me a sig plz and avatar

    Can some one plz make me a final fantasy sig and avatar thank you in advance
  12. B


    Can any one help me to get the new skins working for beta 1.00 PLEASE :cry:
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Sig for Useless Response

    Hope yah like it bud. DaKilla, I'll be workin on the wallpaper when I get back to my house tonight, like real late tonight
  14. H

    photoshop question

    i have photoshop 7, and have been using it for a while now and im pretty good at it. i've been seeing a bunch of people making pieces that have little square grids on them, and i was wondering how u made them. im currently working on a bg for my CS clan and i needed to know how to do that if...
  15. Mister Satan

    Moddeling,Help me please

    Hi,Hello and welcome i'ld like to know what tools you great moddels use and where i can get them cause im thinking about giveing it a shot. Thanks
  16. K

    Who estract

    Who extrac this file alpha20
  17. T

    check this out

    w00t w00t kick ass first class i say
  18. Big Kyle

    Modeling Questions

    Hey, Im Gunna Start, And Just ned to know What i Mainly need to Get for Modeling Thanks
  19. IceFire2050

    Does anyone have an normal and a ssj Vegetto or Gogeta?

    Does anyone have either a pair of (normal and ssj) vegetto or gogeta models or skins? I searched for it but i didnt find anything
  20. M

    Where can i get the original models?

    I, being the idiot i am, decided not to save the original model. Is there any way (besides reinstalling) to get it?? Thank you.