1. Growler

    Growler Comics - Hitting Trees with

    Hello all, I've decided to start writing/drawing comics. All comics will eventually be posted on my website once I finish it, so I'm putting them on Facebook for now: If you like them, be sure to hit "like" :) "Awkwardness-Time Relationship"...
  2. Growler

    Growler's New Style art

    Got into vector art and the like.. just here to update on what I've been up to lately on the art scene. Here's a mix of wips and finished pieces. This here was actually my first attempt at vector art... this was before I knew how to use the PEN tool and therefore did all the vectors by hand :/...
  3. Raeku

    Happy bday FP and Growler!

    Happy birthday! Have a good one and all the usuall stuff... Now that your both 18 you can go get drunk legaly. Thats if the limit over there is the same as over here.
  4. Growler

    Growler's Art Thread

    I am getting back into art again, just found my sketchbook the other day. So I am making this thread which I'll update every so often. To start off, I just started this sketch of a scene in China, just a WIP for now. The overall canvas is much bigger but I reduced its size for viewing pleasure...
  5. Growler

    Growler- First attempt at box modeling

    I'm trying a new style of modeling. What do you think?
  6. Growler

    Growler's Sketches

    Some random drawings I did in class
  7. Growler

    Sig - Growler

    This is my first Grundge style sig... I love Kill Bill, one of my favorite movies. And Oren was one of my favorite characters. Whatcha think?
  8. Growler

    Growler's CG art thread...

    I am new to this... but. Works in progress... Desert Eagle... (Still life off of my airsoft gun)
  9. Growler

    Growler's Models Thread.

    I started this model up again from where I last left off which was like 4 months ago. I didn't know too much about modeling back then, so I think im just going to make a whole new one.