1. Deathshot

    Green Blood

    I am loving this series so far. It's drawing style reminds me a lot of Hellsing in a way. Hellsing mixed with Cowboy Bebop.
  2. A

    Too much green.

    I want to apologize for using hleV's joke, but what is the history behind it?
  3. Grega

    I call upon thee oh Green one

    As agreed, this be a practice match. So dont be to harsh on little ol' me ^^ I ask only for an interesting venue that would suit both our characters :p Id allso ask to keep the fatalities and XP out of this practice match XD
  4. Damaera

    Happy birthday, Sub and Green!

    I got out of bed to do this, so you guys better be grateful. :P Happy birthday, Sub and Green! Have a good one, guys!
  5. SS4 Gogeta

    The Green Megacity

    Thought this was pretty cool. For some reason the city in the flash, reminds me of a strategy game.
  6. |Xiphos|

    Green Envy

    I need feedback on what to add or remove on this one...
  7. -Origin

    Not so jolly green giant.

    Crits, comments?
  8. ShadyD

    Mean Green Machine

    On a quest to find back my polyflow I know, i know gotta clean up the tricep-elbow area..
  9. davidhalo

    Go Green Rangerrrr, Go!

    Started working on this model as a base to start my Power Ranger Project for a PC Game along with the design doc for either a HL2 mod or yank my programming buddies ass off school and to make a third person free roaming beat em up. So far the base helmet is done. Three Smoothing Groups one...
  10. Growler

    Green -

    New sig - c+c
  11. Optimus Prime

    Happy Green Day! (Not the Band)

    Err body get crunk.
  12. Suh Dude

    Phyco Green?

    Not sure who this guy is, but I got it off a render pack from the anime folder. =O *points to current signature*
  13. D

    Happy B-Day Green Man

    Happy Birthday Cummer! Hope ya have a great day :)
  14. Silent_Bob

    Green Day and mens perfume?

    I was listening to the new Green Day album the other day on the bus, as you do, and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" came on. Everything was proceeding as normal, when for some reason, I heard this: I walk this empty street, On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Where the city sleeps, and I'm the...
  15. Guru_San

    going green!!

    what do you guys think of current sig+ava? Just some col work -SaN
  16. Guru_San

    Green thing.. called revist

    Old piece i jazzed up a bit in college -SaN
  17. G

    Green Arrow WIP

    Hi, Im new here but have been surfing the forums for some time now. Id just like to start off by saying "Hello, To all" and I simply love some of the work that has been shown on the forums. Here is a "Work In Progress" of mine, I dont have any good text fonts so maybe if someone could provide me...
  18. bapplebo

    A little bit of green, a little bit of blue.

    My first Naruto sig. Some minor brushwork here (look at lower-left), but C&C accepted as always. Tryed to keep text effect fairly transparent.
  19. E

    It's green

    Yo Crits and comments welcomed and encouraged
  20. Suh Dude

    Green Lantern