1. Skyrider

    Picture Madness :: Sweet Team goodness!

    <center><a href=""<IMG SRC=""</a><br><br><b><font size="3">To let you guys all know. The one on the left is Andrew (MastaSurf), the guy having his head on his shoulder is...
  2. Nuttzy

    forza 2, editor goodness

    i wont lie, i picked this game up for the editor only. as a racer (so far) its boring as hell, i know the emphasis is on realism, but damit all to hell the first one was more exciting than this one somehow, but what do i know. ive spent more time in the editor than actually racing XD...
  3. Spunky

    More Robot Goodness :O
  4. Sicron

    More Square Enix goodness for PSP!! Those threads both discuss new games coming to the PSP from Square Enix. Top thread for Star Ocean, bottom thread for FFVII Crisis Core. But there is another game coming from Square Enix. A...
  5. TeKNiK

    Airbrushed goodness..

    came out much brighter than I wanted originally... Critz/ comments?
  6. S

    Release date goodness!

    Don't do this again enjoy the warning -_-
  7. Hsu

    Gaming goodness.

    This is a full 3d fps, it is only one level and it is only 96kb! The graphics are like something you would see in doom 3. Download it and try it out.
  8. M

    Gohan Goodness

    Hello all, I've been on a role for 3D modeling today. Truespace 5.2 is co-operating and exporting .X nicely for me, so I decided to take a shot at my favorite DBZ character Gohan. I have 3 models, the first is high-poly the second is medium-poly and the third low. I really like the...
  9. Zack(Vamp)

    More SB goodness

    Now that theres some threads flying about of it, im just wondering if this will be an addon *cause its exactly from the show* of the SB. In the Buu saga near the end, while Goku is argueing to fire the sb at Buu And Vegeta, Buu starts firing generic balls at him. Once Buu throws an...
  10. S

    bad guy from DB NG

    just a quick picture i did, i know the knee is wrong, im not saying who or what he is yet, but its just a lil taster
  11. G

    Will a Brolli skin ever be made?

    I was wondering if a Brolli skin will ever be made for ESF? there is one already for dragon modz, and i want to know if i could take that one and put it in esf? will there be a brolli model in esf beta 2? if there are brolli models can ugive me a list of the sites that have him, besides redsaiyn
  12. B

    The Hooded Wonder

    M8 i was just wondering if you could tell me how u made that animating Sig :) (GIF) :P I diont want u to make me one m8 i was want to know how u made it or what prgramme u used :talk: THX :tired: