1. R

    im back! this time for good

    hey guys im back tih a vengance :devsmile: but anyhu im just saying hi and hope to see some of you guys in game(thats after i get used to adv melee :p ) so may take i while but im here :D :tired:
  2. N

    Game is good - nowhere to play

    I'm a total noob to this game. I'm trying to learn, but there is no server where I can. Every "noob" server I go to is hosted by a person who is good and just likes to pick on noobies. Like the server Noob Arena. What's even worse is that every else lags except the host. Also, every...
  3. Suh Dude

    Any good rams for a cheap price?

    Anyone know a good site for Rams for 50 dollars to 100? I'm looking for a 1 gig to w/e. I just recently bought a new fan and a Radeon 9800 Pro Altantis.
  4. -/Raiden\-

    Good Website For Pics

    i found this site for dragonball, dragonball Z ,dragonball GT, Fanart Ani gif ,pics use it to modeling or otherwise what use
  5. D

    Re-Release: Frieza 3 (GOOD VERSION)

    Let me apologize ahead. I don't know/remember who made this model but it is the best version of FRIEZA FORM 3 around at the moment. Download HERE (Extract to ESF/Models)
  6. S

    Where can i find good models

    Im trying to find good models but i cant find anymore that i want on esf world can someone tell me where to go?
  7. D

    any1 got a good kamehameha sprite?

    i got a real crap spr atm any1 got a good 1 i can use?
  8. |Overlord|

    good mice & keyboard sets (what would you recomend)

    can any1 recomend some good mice to me with good response times (i can't spend to much , i just want to find value for money at this point) i use to love my brothers spare logitech wirless keyboard & mouse set , but he took it back for he's guest computer (hmmm.... i wonder if theres a way he...
  9. R

    does my torso look good i made alot of changes. look

    update thread: whats yur guys fav bands or any music? what stuff u guys listen to?
  10. J

    might be a good suggestion

    i might have a good suggestion :laff: to get esf on the gamecube, xbox and playstation since i cant but the hl game anywere but then again it would take alot of time getting all the bugs out but its also gonna get another problem, since esf is updated every 2 months? then you just...