1. G

    Check out my MODELS

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>I hope you guys check out my MODELS at my PHOTO ALBUM at my website I hope you liked them I dont know if too released them for ESF I tested those SKINS on ESF they work great I think I should release it for DRAGON MOD there paying me bucks but I...
  2. D

    Where can i get a mystic gohan model??

    I saw the one at red saiyan but i dont want one that is like bruised up or ne thing so is there one that is just like that one but just not bruised up? Thanx
  3. M

    How to make models with Milkshape ?

    I would like to learn how to make models for esf but i dont know how to make it. So if u could guy's give me some advice i would know more to make someday a model for esf.
  4. M

    glow for turbow

    could here be a glow to turbo so when people use it the area around them would glow. I just think it would be cool looking.
  5. Darkshadow

    The ssj glow with turbo

    to the esf team maybe you guys can make that if you put turbo on youre ssj hair glows more gold and when its out it doesnt glow like this one,if you put turbo on you get this hair: and if you put it out you get this hair...
  6. Z

    a glow outline

    can someone tell me how to outline my ppl with i glow in my sigs i out photoshop 7.0 , i just can find out where im suppost to go
  7. shadow16

    What is the file name for the sayin glow,purple glow

    Anyone know what is the file name for the sayin glow,purple glow because I wanna replace the normal clear aura with the colored ones...thanks
  8. A

    Picolo with cape

    Hi its my second model but it wont work Ill cant create a .mdl file milkshape always says found vertex without bone assigment ..... a good modler Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. C

    Redundant: .MDL compiling

    HOW?!!?!?!? HOW?!!?!?!? WHERE'S THE MAGIC PILL TO COMPILE .MDL FILES?!?!?! WHERE'S THE SECRET CODE, THE EXE, THE OBSCURE RUMOR, THE BACKWATER SITE WITH THE ANSWER?!?!?! <table style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>...
  10. M

    how do you make tex glow?

    I wanted to put some stuff under my sig.. but i have no idea how to make the letters glow like some people have it~ It looks really nice.o_o
  11. SaiyanElitez

    Final Flash Glow

    hey is there a way to change the color of the Final Flash Glow??? I really want to change it to Blue or nothing plz reply
  12. C


    hey whats the coade to make your words glow in your sig anyonw know please tell me tyo_o
  13. Ryoko

    Tales of Phantasia wallpaper

    Doooh it's hard to find images for these. O_o Oh well, since I love this game soo much heres a wallpaper about it. Teleport! Ha! Soul wave! Pwned! *ahem.. *
  14. Ryoko

    Well, shucks to this, New Ryoko wallpaper for me!

    Btw, this isn't spam, I just created another Ryoko wallpaper :p Better than my other one I did imo. Lets see what you guys think. It is a work in progress wallpaper, and may change.
  15. D

    How do u make the tips glow on a pic?

    how did USSJ_Vegeta do this? plz tell me. it would help me a lot!
  16. suicidal_maniac

    A new sig I made.

    I just finished a new sig. I was gonna give it to anyone who wanted it but first I want to get out any flaws so I need some opinions.
  17. X

    New Sig Again

    well Made One More.. so there's a New Poll Going on. Sig 1 Sig 2 And The Newest. Sig 3
  18. C


    i lost the glow can some one give me the code please
  19. S

    Lil Custom thing for ESF

    Welcome to Red Saiyan Shop lol Funny.. Kiblast 5$ each Buy the kiblast Red Aura 150$ Buy this Kewl aura Red Glow around Aura only 54 cents! Buy This is fits well with the Aura lol It do not cost anything.. just fooling around. Go look at the website of Red saiyan and have...
  20. .FM.

    this took me a few hours

    this took me a few hours this is art! what do you peeps think you like or you dont like (dont even flame me cuz you dont think this is art well fu then this my art. none of this anit art and none of im sick of all thes sigs well deal with it) thank you and have a nice day :)