1. B

    My girlfriend's creations!

    Hey ESFers, my girlfriend has an Etsy page and she loves to make necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry of that manner. I'd like to know what you guys think, as I'm very proud of her! :3 She even made me a Dragonball chain made of beads to hang from my backpack XD...
  2. sub

    The official FP's girlfriend thread

    Recently, I've seen discussion of FP's girlfriend pop up left and right. I quite frankly have had enough with such discussion appearing in inappropriate places. Therefore, this thread shall henceforth be used to discuss anything and everything related to FP's girlfriend. Let the discussion...
  3. john_volkov

    My Super Ex Girlfriend

    Have you seen this move it's grate super funny
  4. Valeska

    Post your girlfriend.

    well since there are like these dating and have girl thread,and i hear you guys about girls i wanna see these girls... not in a pervert way... just proud you are..
  5. P

    Does your girlfriend, fiance, or wife like to play - or watch you play video games?

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  6. S

    My Girlfriend's art (and a lil sumthin i dun 2)

    Well my girlfriend Abbee showed me her art, and I thought it was so damn awesome :D, i thought u guys might like to check it out too ^_^ well wat im gonna do is give all the links to the big ones here:
  7. N

    My GirlFriend

    hi all.. i dunno why i made this pic about my grilfriend.. i think its becouse of the love...bla, did i say that ? ;/ hahaha :smile: well here is the pic.. (btw its not low pic she have some glitter stuff on here face and had to remove it, so skin looks kinda special :smile: )
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    EVM progress , New model T.

    Ok , i v been floded with PM , asking about evm about evm , Wele , evm could be done anyday now , but itl be released in 3 months , becuse it has lots of bugs , also , modeling i think is close to 60 % , becuse were modeling auras for diferent ascendation , also here the trunks , that ...
  9. Bryggz

    For those who were waiting for a certain gotenks pack....good news is on the way

    TOTAL CONVERSION IS IMMINENT!!! OKAY credits!!!! S-bolt- for ssj2 gohan hair and arms Xstortionist- chest/lower torso Ssj3 HAIR and JACKET and compilation of model pieces- me, Bryggz :-) Azn- Sash (made from his gohan's bandanna) Final edits/Cleaning up of model/compilation of the...
  10. D

    nice girl art

    nice henk art its so a simple art made in less than one min. her it is i like it very much !
  11. SSJ_ReNe

    Anime Art

    Hello Again everyone, as you can see i have started a new thread. Again i will be posting my orginial artwork and some reference picture artwork. It would be great aswell if you all post some of your artwork aswell to share and for us to view. I like drawing and i get pleasure from doing it and...
  12. O

    ---Launch as a character---

    im busy and will never get around to it but my idea was to add a female character for a change. Instead of using powers she could use weapons Attacks: these wepons fire Beams or Energy balls except for the Rocket Launcher which fires well... a rocket Pistol Shotgun(with spread...