1. Darth Revan

    my First attempts at making gif images

    my first one was a goku sprite my second one was an esf model crits and comments are welcome
  2. Odin

    The .Gif thread

    I gotta be honest, i got the idea from another forum my friend regularly visits. But I figured I'd try it here to see what you guys got. The whole point is to post a .gif you have, anything kool or interesting, or sexy( so long to forum AUP allows it, and tbh im not sure what they allow as far...
  3. Theoboy

    .gif animation?

    I want to make a .gif signature, but I don't know how. Example: If I want a square to move from the right to the left. How do I do that?
  4. john_volkov

    game gif

    So what do you think about my gif i know they don't have many frams but the space it's to small The Specialists Ninja Gaiden Dragon Ball Z...
  5. Robby

    Gif Picture fun!

    Alright, seeing as the internet has become a high point of media stealing and other tid bits of interesting stuff made by people, let see some Gifs that you racked up. Seriously, lets see some internet gems, and also, let it only be GIFS, the occasional still picture is ok, but make it primarily...
  6. Spunky

    The Funniest GIF ever...

    I couldn't help posting this after I saw it. This has to be one of the funniest GIFs I've seen in a long time, aside from the Saving Private Ryan one.
  7. Killface

    Need a new .gif signature

    Well, i have a short wrestling video clip that I made using windows movie maker and I want it to be my sig. Its a mpeg movie file. Can I send this to someone so they can convert it for me?
  8. john_volkov

    Gif for esf :D

    I 'v just finish my second gif and it looks great but can U give me a lint to upload my gif for u to see I formate my hdd and I lost the site And I was thing about making a tutorial gif :D
  9. R

    HAHAHAAH funniest GIF i have ever seen...

    Have you ever felt like this while playing a video game... :cry: my stomach hurts rofl
  10. Silent_Bob

    Gif making programs.

    Does anybody know where I can download a free gif making program? I've been using Ulead Animator, but it stops working after 15 days. Even after deleting all the files and re-installing. Little help, anyone?
  11. Neon

    Gif Movie... er Movies

    Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6: ill make other ones sometime later... maybe... Creds to for sprites (though it doesn't have it any longer) Nintendo, me for editing some... (metal koola) Yes i know...
  12. Chakra-X


    Even though I have a thread about an animated esf flash movie, I have no idea when I'll have the amount of time to finish that....So just incase, I made this GIF based on what 1.3 is officially having and some of my own rules. Since the GIF moves too slow, ill just put it into swf format...
  13. Guru_San

    mental Animated GIF

    Dunno if uv seen it before but it rox o yo sox o off! ..OWNAGE... Post some of your mental gifs -SaN
  14. I

    Another GIF movie, Trunks VS Cell.

    Okay, did that with 49 franmes, I know Cel moves a bit wonkey and slow but im working on that in my next Animation :D anyother comments are welcome :)
  15. I

    A really random Gif movie I made

    I was looking at jp's gif movies and wanted to try my own, well here goes...
  16. jp

    Some crappy GIF movie i made.

    I finally found out how photoshop works! ;D naw i allready knew how that works, but i allways used paint to make GIF movies... kinda silly if you ask me, so i used photoshop, and wow!!! what a great program to make GIF movies... you probably say "use imageready" but i dunno how to use that...
  17. Shao

    GIF Images >> WIN XP SP 2

    I've noticed that, since I've gotten Windows Service Pack 2 for XP Prof., I can't see most animated gif images or anything like that with Interent Explorer. I either see them as still images, or not at all, and I think it's because a secuirty setting is turned on. Can anyone help me find out...
  18. wheres_

    gif joy

    ive seen a few people have been making these things and thought id give it a shot theres no text and it goes pretty quick but its just under a mb. all sprite sheets from:
  19. RavenTrunks

    About the DBZ Movie GIF sprites.

    where can I get those sprites? for the dbz chars to make a movie gif? and the blasts and such? im interested in trying that. any reply would be appriciated.
  20. jp

    New GIF movie, don't look if you like Pikachu

    Okay, i i was bored once again, and i saw pokemon again on TV, so i got some inspiration. :S Its pretty smooth (at least on my computer), i hope its smooth here to. And yes, i do have made some mistakes :p , again, the hole in the ground, is suddenly gone by the last atack! :fight...