1. Effigy


    i just heard that GHP, that other dbz mod, is combo based there goes that chance of me liking it when it was released it looked promising :(
  2. Y

    WARNING: GHP USING ESF, they are violating it

    GHP, those *******s use ESF to try their sprites and grapichs, cant the team just steal the sprites? Or the models? or maybe offer oral pleasure if they graphics designers join us....mmm... :rolleyes: HERE IS THE PROOF: :cry:
  3. MysticVegeta


    Is that janemba that smo made already released?????????
  4. Logan4434

    17 Wip

    well its been a while since ive modeled and yesterday my phones went out so i had nothing to do so i worked on a 17(BTW need a skinner to finish it for me) for those of you who want credits: smo for torso azn for everythingelse besides arms and feet arms and bandana were made by me:laff...
  5. God Gundam

    ESF Model from GG

    well heres one for you guys, i know its not done yet, but im close to having it there, there will be a normal version aswell of him, just have to finish this one, after that i will make an armor version and a bd armor version for esf as well for all tastes. btw, the gogeta i promissed to...
  6. M

    Majin Vegeta Final

    Weee after months of not doin anything on teh poor jack.. butt i made him sum new armz and.. a butt poly count is 1682 :P, with 1 skinmap
  7. DBZFever

    New ESF and GHP File Database

    The Forums and website are done but still under construction. -If you want your file hosted contact me. File must be ESF or GHP Related -Also looking for affiliates -I also encourage you to join my forums
  8. DBZFever

    My new ESF and GHP Site

    Hey im starting a new file databast for ghp and esf, anyone want thier model or map hosted?
  9. M

    :Request Perfect Idea

    as i was reading smo janemba model, Why dont we make a fat janamba and form 2, it would replace buu perfect.. mouthblast...other stuff
  10. M

    Fat Janemba

    new version has hands :D poly count: 1444 :D <- fok yeh baby
  11. M

    I is bakz

    puter went boom... smo went cry.. then i went sslap
  12. God Gundam

    ghp ssj3 goku wip

    here is ghp ssj 3 goku, comments crits would be nice
  13. M

    is there a model for janemba yet?

    someone make a model for janemba or fat gogeta that would be an awesome model
  14. A

    Is the Quake 3 mod out?..If so where can u dl it

    I want the Q3 mod!!!!!!!!!! I think its called Savior of strength. Is there any other Dragon Ball mods for it?
  15. S

    GHP = Gohan's Hidden Power

    This is a new dbz mod, it will be a very diffrent game then most of the dbz mods out there, we have been going for almost over a year and over the past few months have progressed amazingly, before checking out the site i have to tell you that the Progress Bar is wrong and is not close to what we...
  16. God Gundam

    ghp tien model

    heres the tien for ghp not done yet, but im workin on it
  17. S

    GHP Mod Recruiting

    Hi all, not sure if i posted this but, im recruiting for my new mod im starting, i might already have a mapper so i need coders and modelers, if anyone wants to join, show me pictures of your work at my msn: [email protected]
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