1. DanteX

    Gfx Section for the Forums

    I've been lurking around the forums for quite a while, but I decided to join and officially say hi. So hi! :) Also it might seems rude to start of with a suggestion, but I think the forum (like every forum) could use a Gfx section (or rather a signature section, with people willing to create...
  2. Dark_Gogeta

    DG's GFX

    hey guys.. well ill post my last 3 sigs ^^ comments and rating are allways welcome. done this one today
  3. K

    Upgrading my PC's GFX.

    Hello, it's been a while coming now, but I need some help on finding some SLI compatible cards for my computer. I am currently running twin 6600 GT cards. I'm not sure what information people may need to help, but I'll answer anything I can. Here is what I know so far: * Twin 6600 GT...
  4. M

    Blood Dripping GFX

  5. .Maze

    GFX Card question

    Hi there. I was wondering if its possible to use 2 GFX Cards in 1 PC. Im using an good GFX Card(PCI-E) but it doesnt have an TV-Out. Then i have an older GFX Card(AGP) with an TV-Out. Now i was wondering is it possible to place the older AGP card in and just use the TV-OUT ? or does...
  6. F

    Well this sucks, gfx help

    Okay, so my computer died on me, and I had to erase everything. My computer isn't detecting the nvidia 6800gt, and is running on the monitor, what drivers do I need to install? I'm at the nvidia website, but I'm not sure what to install. Thanks.
  7. shadowcast

    Im looking for a good and cheap gfx card

    Well as the title says it im lookin' for a good gfx card and friend say i should get a Saphire X550.............what do u guys recommend??
  8. ssj2goku

    a little esf gfx plugin

    hello, i want to make a plugin to make esf even more dbz stylisher i would only need one thing to know: how to capture the moment that players are about to enter advanced melee (the melee with the combo's) greetz ssj2goku
  9. buculie

    My GFX

    before i post my sigs here i wanna tell you to take me easy in gfx because i make gfx for almost 2 weeks (11 days exactly)!! i try to make a sig whit some animation and look what i got : and sig whit no anim : and other sigs : 1.Scorpion: 2.Shadow the Hedgehog...
  10. PiXel

    Christina aguilera (some shizzle gfx)

    Well i like it for a desktop..tell me what you think ;) *truelly i just format my comp and i forgot this one to burn on my cd lol* still , c&c , i havnt gfxed alon time
  11. M

    Local Gfx

    My friend asked me to post this and to comment it because he is on smallband: *removed* He also said that all who does gfx, and those who want sigs etc. are welcome to join his forums.
  12. Grega

    GFX Problems

    OK here is one for you guys. Yesterday. I disabled V-Sycn on my settings. Than i went into ESF. And the screen was black. I could hear the BG music and all but no picture. So i reenabled V-Sync. Didnt help. Today. For about 10 minutes ESF worked again. Than the same problem. Than i found out...
  13. PiXel

    ff X2 gfx

    Yeh , how long didnt i gfxed? 4 months i gues he? lol nway i was bored and here i got something new xD i know it sucks in someway but please dont hold back and tell me ur opinion :)
  14. Lord Killmore

    meh the GFX n00b did stuff -.-

    hm oh well needed a sig and ava for the RE: Cold Blood forums... didnt want to ask somebody so oh well...since i dont have a sig here either *old one was the NWN leader n stuff and well im not anymore the leader or team member *i use it here too. im not good at gfx so i think it kinda sux but...
  15. X

    Half-Life 2 GFX Question...

    I wanna know... If there are any other video cards out there with DX9.0 properties that can run HL2 nicely, besides the GeForce 6800 GT/Ultra & the Radeon x800. Those two cards are still too damn expensive for me (The fact I dont have a job, and im a 20yr old man so dont expect me to go up to...
  16. |Overlord|

    simple trans gfx idea

    i was thinking of maybe in 1.3 or a fututre version , is to have the curret explosion sprite at the end of the trans , for a more "power feeling" (example , goku has is just about to finish transing in esf , and the you see a gold explosion sprite light up at the end)
  17. PiXel

    Broken arm; long time dont gfx =...

    i dont know... i think i could improve alot... i tried to do something with my arm (its broken) and i dont gfx along time... plz crit ;)
  18. Eon

    GFX trouble

    Well, I have a very low end card. GForce4MX 440, 64mb. And I used to play KOTOR on medium just fine, it'd get choppy at times, but other than that, it's fine. Now here's the problem. Recently, I started playing it again, and something will happen when there are room where the particle...
  19. E


    2 problems, when i play esf on steam, it keeps asking me for my cd key, and i have no clue where my halflife case is at. and 2 when i try to play esf on WON, i keep getting GFX errors. saying cant load GFX/shells, GFX/bmp, gfx/imp. etc. it is like all my gfx files are missing what is wrong?
  20. X

    gfx WAD Question.

    Um what is this? I installed esf but whenever I try to join a server I get this message. and no I am not using steam right now. Ok I also get it while trying to create a server. Plz help quicly as I am wanting to play esf.