1. Killface

    The gas prices game!

    It's retarded, but post your city and how much gas costs. The cheapest one wins pie. Lapeer, MI, USA - $3.78 for unleaded.
  2. MinioN

    Ghost at gas station! Well somone was pratcising After Effects latest version or O_o something else?
  3. M

    Gas Mask

  4. Killface

    Gas Mileage

    Gearheads... i need your help. I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport that gets TERRIBLE gas mileage. I was wondering if i could buy new stuff for it to increase the mileage at all. New sparkplugs, air filter, oil? Ive already checked google, and all that gave me was "driving tips". I dont need...
  5. imkongkong


    Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 3:22 PM Subject: Don't buy gas..Saturday, Sept 10th!!! Don't buy gas..Saturday, Sept 10th!!! PLEASE FORWARD TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE... IT HAS BEEN CALCULATED THAT IF EVERYONE IN THE UNITED STATES DID NOT...
  6. Growler

    Katrina takes a toll on Gas...

    Well, gas in my area is now up past $3 :/ I won't be driving for a while
  7. S

    WIP: Beelzebub from Sandland (my first poly by poly)

    here's what beelzebub looks like: he's a character in Sandland, son of the devil, its written by Akira Toriyama, here's my model so far, its my first so go easy on me: i gotta make a cape, any sugestions how?, the hands arent too good but like i sed its my first try, any crits?
  8. S

    New pic of Teck from DBNG

    here you go: If you havent checked out our new site yet have a look at:Dragonball NG Enjoy, (new issue of NG out soon!)
  9. N

    Referance Pics

    I need some ref pics of super buu (the one after evil buu asorbs good buu) here is a list of pics that can help alot -Side View Standing up -Front View Standing up When im done with it im gonna have trusted people animate it, skin it and bone it. p.s. Hey metr0-tek this is...
  10. PiXel

    please help photoshop i needd that

    hi i need photoshop cann u give me a download please:)
  11. MaX

    Hi everyone Leting all know about this.

    im just starting on a map and its gonna be called esf_buu.. it takes place where there on the way to try to stop buu but they have to fight threw 3 fights :) dabura yakon and pweepwee.. takes place out side of that 2 :D.. ill post pics on another thread or somthing :).. off to go start map...
  12. L

    Can Someone Please Make Me A Gotenks And A Ssj Gotenks!!!!! Please!

    Can someone make me a gotenks and ssj gotenks??:cry:
  13. S


    well, i made my own cinder skin, and i cant skin worth a ****, so here ya go... i tried to go for the evil look, and i used joe's boots and pants just till i finish my own... heres a pic of my n00b skin...