1. Rebirah

    Funny! look

    I just saw this on newgrounds its funny!
  2. S

    [MREL] Cow

    Well this is version 0.9 . It has my Vegeta GT's animations, but I'll update it with new ones incoporating the utter :p as soon as I got an idea how they may look. BEWARE: If you want a REAL cow, modeled exactly after a refpic, this cow might not fit you, but for the ones how want a funny...
  3. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Dragon Ball GT Goku Version 2

    Vell heres the version 2 i hope that this is more like a gt goku... :talk:
  4. V

    ? ImPoRt ?

    Is there a way so i can import Quake3 models into ESF ?
  5. S

    funny post

    the meaning of this post is that you people have to reply with jokes so if you know a good joke and you want to tell it feel free to share it with us anyway thanks for reading this:laff: your most beloved supaa men
  6. S

    3dsm 5 problem

    ok i'm very confused, i got 3dsm, and i registered it and all that, but after clicking on the icon it just initializes and loads plugins and closes, i've tried everything i can think of i'm running on windows 98, 733mhz pentium 3 if anyone has a slight idea as to what the problem may be...
  7. maxigt

    Vegeta in goku's clothes.

    Have a look at it: Like it. (NOTE: This is NOT a model! My milkshape has expired;(! So I can't save. So I just make images.)
  8. M

    Heres a idea...

    Well just a thought, (i dont want them) but What if someone model like mortal combat peeps etc scopian, sub zero, etc
  9. Cold Steel

    puppetpall Z?

    Well I guess most of you guys know about my comic now. It's called puppetpall Z . I'd like to know if you guys like it .I made a poll to vote, but i also like a personal opinion. The thing is if the voting will suck then I will quit making the comic.
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    one of my better wallpapers

    um i just made this today. comment sand critz plz tools used: 3ds max photoshop
  11. A

    Ice Freeze

    I made a new WP/design thing.. Critz?
  12. I

    rofl FUNNY DEMO

    hahah this is very funny. i have a demo of a guy getting jumped. me, another guy = jumped one ugly buu guy. lololol heres the link 1) copy the jumped.demo into your esf directory. 2) go into the game and on the first screen click console. 3) type playdemo jumped 4) and wait...
  13. owa

    Show Your Pwned-***** Work. lol

    Just a topic for people to rip or attempt to rip someones sig on the forums. Of ocurse give credit and stuff. This isj ust for fun so don't take it seriously, as long as no one starts flaming we should be fine so just start showing some work you pwned. Heres somthing Light-Scream did...
  14. B

    Funny Idea

    Well... I just got a funny idea! Why not edit a ESF model and put your own head on it.:laff: Like this : You put your own head on Vegeta or something.
  15. I

    Funny Pics Here

    post your funny pics here[php]
  16. Mr. Satan

    ~ Big Head Model Pack ~

    This is VERSION 1!! The download will be on RED SAIYAN when I can get ahold of SPiN. KNOWN PROBLEMS: > Arms go into head when blocking (not all models) > Buu's "horn" gets Xtremely fuct when doing CANDY ATTACK > Super Imperfect Cell's chin is messed. > Krillin's face (both models) is...
  17. Hsu

    New Gir picture

    This is a new Gir picture I made in flash. There is a version with the outline but I like the effect it gives and the way it looks without the lines. To me it looks like a painting or series of paintings but an artist but there name escapes me. Oh well. You will have to copy and paste the...
  18. E

    Buu WPaper

    for the hell of it
  19. HyperSaiyaman

    Bush,Sadam and osama!

    what about of making a Bush model , a Saddam Husein and Osama bin laden model that would b great lol
  20. Kain

    Oozura model request

    theres been alot of ssj4 vegetas and gokus etc but i dont think enyones actualy ever thought about doing an oozura or even made one for that matter i would just like to see one done to replace Vegeta