1. GoldSaiyan

    Funny pictures Ragnarok. There's even more, and I have to say, they are quite funny. I'm not sure if everyone saw them. :laff:
  2. M

    painting-photoshop 6

    heres the link: This took me a long time to make {about 20 something hours all together}. IT was all made in photoshop was made about a month ago. please tell me what ya think :)
  3. R

    Some stuff I did while my internet was down....

    :D I finally got my internet back,and a few days before I've done some smilies that might be sorta boring,but what the heck,there's of course one you'll dont wanna miss,some of them on this forum already,or not needed....but anyways....:D <img...
  4. grOOvy

    Z Spike V5

    Ok, this is a great improvement over the last spike. It's for Beta 1.1, and a high fps is >GUARANTEED<. It's the perfect map for training in melee, dueling, and tournaments. Big space for fighting, stands for people to watch, and mounts for the fighters to stand before the match begins...
  5. Nuttzy

    ladies and gentlemen, i give you,...HEAD

    IGNORE the innuendo haha i knew it would get your attention, well going with the "creepy" theme thats been coming up as of late i got bored as hell and made a ,.... well dl it and see (its only 29 kb, thats a 30 second download for a 14.4k)
  6. Enforcer ICE

    power struggle from hell + another glitch that i find funny

    ok first off, the serious glitch. I was playing against some bots in a custom map called ape city, and i fired an attack from vegeta from a building lower than the one in the pictures. anyways, the beam got stuck on no one it was just in the air. I couldnt move, then along came a bot and kept...
  7. shadow16

    DragonBall (Heads?)

    Well, didn't get far with trunks I got bored and replaced the dragonball with various heads from esf... *Credits go to the orignal modellers for goku, vegeta, Krillin, Majin Buu (FAt Buu), Cell, Trunks, Frieza, *Pics* *I did this for fun...and thought about...
  8. N

    Trunks sword goes funny

    I'm not sure if anyone has posted this before...but here it goes: My esf trunks seems to be a lil bit strange...when I switch my sword attack to other attacks...he puts his sword back into his "case" but he suddently pulls it out again...and when I charge a beam up he charge it while holding...
  9. S

    funny looking model

    this is a model that i made tonight. credits to esf modeler of frieza piccolo cell. if any one likes it they can skin it. sorry for bad quality pic
  10. Marauder

    Funny cats

    well, hope u will enjoy this asmuch as i did :P i hope it works Oo btw if u guys have some funny things about cats like this hope u post em ^_~
  11. V'

    Ahh this is way too funny not to be seen.

    If you cant see it, try using this. edit:
  12. B0Bmaster40000

    Mech Models!

    ive taken up a little project to make a full mech model replacement for the characters. I think its a cool idea, and i hope you guys like it. Here is a screenie of my WIP mech krillin. I still have to skin the mech part.
  13. B0Bmaster40000

    Special Beam Cannon

    ive made a replacement sprite and model for the special beam cannon, so the head is a warhead, and the trail is just smoke. it looks pretty cool (and funny, cause the nuke is friggin huge), except that the model is transparent. Is there a way to change the transparency of the sbc head model? or...
  14. V

    funny pic

    there they are i think this one kind of funny:smile:
  15. TAz00


    Well the Neo clan just got another new map, Nc_Mario. And the theme is... The Mario Brothers, DuH! Here are some pics...
  16. Logan4434


    does anyone know where to get bfp(bid for power) models?i went to one once but i dont know where anymore :cry:
  17. GoldSaiyan

    Funny Picture

    This is a picture that I've made in a few seconds. ESF OGC HOOK! Super Melee aimbot! Super Wallhack! Super skinhack! Super.... AAGGGHHHHHHHH system crash! Screen is going overboard. @_@ :D
  18. Pommy

    Funny pic

    have you ever had to type in a random number thats hard to read to prevent bots from filling out forms on pages? I was dling a driver and this number appeared <img src=> i thought it was funny so i posted it here :D
  19. TehMuffinMan

    BIG BAD...uhh... THING!

    MWHAHAHAH! anyways.. this is just a reskin and model edit of the tien model released on redsaiyan a while back, its ingame and i'll release soon ^_^ pics pic pics!
  20. Death The Jedi


    I'm not done with it yet, but any critz?