1. Mephisto

    Funniest Anime you've seen before

    Makeing this thread since most ppl on this forum (if not all?) like animes and Everyone loves to get a good laugh from time to time. So tell the name of A Anime / Manga that made you laugh hysterical ;) Funniest Anime I've seen is Detroit Metal City. Is about a boy from the country side of...
  2. M

    Funniest GTA 4 video ever.

    It is both funny and true!
  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    Funniest Pics Thread....The Sequel..

    Post ur funny pics, here's mine:
  4. Dokutayuu

    Funniest DB/DBZ/DBGT/Movie moment

    The serieses depend on comedy a bit, so what are your favourite moments? Personally, I like it in DBZ movie 11: Bio Broly where Broly is beating Goten up and Trunks decides to moon Broly, call him a Sayain Reject and give him the finger. Humourus indeed.
  5. dan_esf_fanatic

    Funniest moments in Anime. SPOILER WARNING!!!

    SPOILER WARNING!!! What were the top two funniest moments in anime for you? For me they're both from Naruto. 1. When Jiraiya told Naruto: "You're quite sexy when you get undressed." I laughed for an HOUR after that one!!! :laff: :laff: :laff: 2. When Naruto made Kakashi and Jiraiya out...
  6. L

    Funniest Stuff Ever

    Love it!!! what do you think
  7. elNarr

    Funniest Pics Thread!

    okay, post some pictures what look dumb, or are somehow anyway funny! ill start: image removed - AxMan :)
  8. Kaination

    funniest naruto AMV ever For some reason it was flagged (theres no bad content), so if you don't have an account at Youtube, I created a quick account. You can log in with the following: Login name: esforces Password: esforces I laughed so much at the end...
  9. Spunky

    The Funniest GIF ever...

    I couldn't help posting this after I saw it. This has to be one of the funniest GIFs I've seen in a long time, aside from the Saving Private Ryan one.
  10. S

    Funniest one? (Part 2)

    Well, new episode, new batch of sigs! Which is the best? Crying Stewie Singing Peter A-ha Chris Skidding Joe Smelly Stewie Naked Stewie Joe vs. Louis Reagan Smash! Sleepover Picking Nose Peter Spits Laugh at Worf Ride the Washing Machine!
  11. S

    Funniest One?

    Crying Stewie Singing Peter A-ha Chris Skidding Joe Smelly Stewie Naked Stewie Joe vs. Louis
  12. R

    HAHAHAAH funniest GIF i have ever seen...

    Have you ever felt like this while playing a video game... :cry: my stomach hurts rofl
  13. M

    Most Funniest video eva!!

    This is just omg!! You will :D :D :D :D :D 10=% for sure! post comments after you seen it.
  14. Taurus 2112

    Funniest Song Lyrics:

    OK well I have been listening to some songs recently that really made me laugh...No need to post the whole song unless the context is really necessary be sure to put the name of the song and the group with it as well. Share the Wealth. I never thought it would end like this, just because I got...
  15. Raven Blade

    Hardest Game? Funniest game?

    What is the hardest game you have ever played?, heres a few games that owned me... (or just parts in games you found hard) + Which was the funniest game you ever played? --------HARD GAMES-------- - Super Ghouls and Ghosts Snes Man that game was hard, it sucked how even though you had...
  16. The_Forgotten

    Who's the funniest person on the forum?

    I'm going with Bolteh :D
  17. E

    funniest **** ive ever seen

    if ur a gamer u'l find this funny ass hell its been 2 days and i still cant stop laughing the picture is nothing wait till the sound loads!!! haha u'll die of laughter
  18. D

    whats the funniest anime?

    i have seen tons of threads about the best animes. but what do u guys think about how funny the animes are =O.i know i love kenshin for the fuuny stuff on there but i have heard a lot about how funny naruto is...i havent seen naruto.. so i think kenshin is the funniest anime...for example the...
  19. S

    Funniest Sigs :D

    Who do you think has the funniest sigs? I like mine, it's kinda funny.
  20. GMan

    Funniest lines in DBZ?

    For the English version, at least. I thought this was hilarious: Buu: Mr. Babidi? Babidi: What is it? Buu: Buu have a better idea.. Babidi: You're actually having an idea? Doesn't that sound like a great trick..