1. K

    Post your ESF 1.3 funky pics!

    Well, I've decided to create a topic for 1.3 pics... Coz Ravendust created in other forum... SO, post! ;)
  2. Robby

    Funky Xbox 360 commercial

    Never aired since it has "violence" can I get a lol?
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Funky Zero Sprite Sheet

    i was bored, decided he could use some sprucing, its nothing advanced i'll fix the flame attack later,
  4. M

    Post your funky ESF demos!

    well it's like the topic with the pics ... BUT .... you have to post the funky battles you recorded ... ( if you don't know how to record please don't ask here )
  5. Ravendust

    Post your funky ESF pics!

    I was looking through my esf folder and found loads of old screenshots, did you? If so, post them here :p My best powerstruggle ever. My Kamehameha vs his Spirit Bomb, My SBC vs his Kame Torpedo's \o/
  6. W

    MiXseD Ssj-Trunks ! very good work..

    hello i mix some model look i export some trunks and i want to switch his head soo i export the trunks thet i want to do head switch with skalakton and then i export the trunks i want 2 mix without skelektn. look... at the pic... but first i almost forgot it credits :) for all the model :)...
  7. D


    can u use models from esf 1.0 in esf 1.1 beta....sorry for the question....i pretty sure the answer is no...but im it doesnt matter...
  8. S

    Majin Goku a picture

    another picture from my friend
  9. CM

    Power Pole Goku (ANIMATOR NEEDED!)

    Ok, i need someone good to animate the powerpole. Make him use it like a sword trunks uses. PM me if you want to try to animate. DO NOT PM me if u do not have experience. EDIT: he will have a strap soon.
  10. G

    @[email protected] ^^

    Hmm i've finished my new model, it's cell form one and it's still in work but pleaz gimme some critz to improve this thing ;) here you go
  11. TehMuffinMan

    Funky Pointy Thingy!!!

    righty then... you know the thing thats above your firends/enemys heads... i accidently turned them into a sphere in a accident... i thought i should redo it so i did... and i ended up with a funky arrow pointing to all your opponents! piccy below! nothing too fancy.. but its the first...
  12. Marauder


    practicing brushing on a render i made, and it came out nice, so i added a old pic i dug up from one of my earlier wp's :D
  13. Jimesu_Evil

    Yamcha release

    Here's my yamcha model for all those Yamcha fans out there who are sick of waiting for Pr0 to release his. Credits to AzN Dragon for the base model, Teen Gohan. Download Here. *EDIT* Now that RS is back up, here's the updated D/L link.
  14. TehMuffinMan

    some quick funky models :S

    anyways, i was bored and did some more models... end of story... pics?... ook... deamon: as you see, i did a little skin for it too.. hmm... you want another??? last time.. master roshi: hmm... i dunno what to do with these models...they just sit here.:S any ideas?
  15. N

    Vegetto finished

    Hi all, sorry for taking so long, but life gets busy so it took me a while longer than i hoped to get everything ready. Well anyway, the good news, is that the model is up for download here: It includes the model in several different formats, and 2...
  16. Mewtwo


    I made this one for my own desktop, I don't really want to take credit for it though because the bg is a cropped stock photo with a colour overlay and I just put a bunch of pics on it.
  17. Q

    New Sig

    well I figured it was time to make a new sig.......this is what I came up with There are three different versions, tell me which ones you like best And of course comments and crits all always welcome
  18. Bryggz

    Gotenks Preference poll

    hey guys i dont want to waste metro-tek's time by him making 3 skins when he can just make 2, so ima ask this one question......first form of gotenks, want him normal or ssj? (plus it makes it easier for me to make 2 models, not 3 :) make those votes! itll make the release quicker
  19. |Da|K|

    my sig (rate)

    plz rate this sig below i will change itabout every week or somewhere around there ..... butt between 1-10 will u plz tell me what u think my Rate of my sig is.... :rolleyes: Thnx :D
  20. owa

    Messing Around | Sig |

    Well not best, and yet not my worst. I was just messing around and this pop out. Tell me what you think.