1. B

    Is 1.3 fully working or what? please reply.

    Hi, ive just recently found ESF (believe it or not lol) anyways, i was wondering is 1.3 actually past beta stage or what? cause dont get me wrong i love 1.2.3 but 1.3 looks alot better. i tried the final beta or w/e that i downladed from http://www.esforces.com/ and i liked the look but there...
  2. Mkilbride

    Russia to be fully open source by 2015.

  3. I

    cant fully create server

    when i create a server it gets stuck on verifying resources and never goes to precahing resources but it work fine when i jon a server and i already tried to reinstall that didnt fix the problem.
  4. T

    maybe you should fully read before you close the threads

    my last thread was not an evm problem, it was a problem involving me not being able to start a server after i could do it fine yesterday. i happen ot have evm installed, but if i hadnt even mentioned it then it wouldnt have made a difference, because it has nothing to do with my problem. i only...
  5. V

    Won't let me play After fully updating ESF

    I haven't played for a while. and now that i finally wantt o again. i fully update the game. and try to get into a server. and right when its about to let me in it says "Cannot continue without script events/meleesounds.sc, disconnecting. What does that mean and how can i fix it? how can the...
  6. S

    First Map Problems

    Yea I am just entering the big world of mapping. Yes someone else to make maps. lol. I just finished the auctal map. :D I compiled it and put it in esf/maps. All the wad files are there but its just not showing up on my list of maps on esf.What am I doing wrong :confused:
  7. S

    Sephiroth animations

    What animations do you want for the Sephiroth SSJ Nathan, me and the others are making? Should he a) Never put away sword, make new KI attack animations, one handed b) Use the KIND of animations Shijing used? So he does normal KI anims but has sword on his back? Shijing if b) wins I'd...
  8. C

    Fully Charged Sprites

    A quick and easy idea. WHen somone gets a fully charged attack cant we put like a swirl of energy around them to show they fully powered. ON the ground rocks and dust fly around them and in air energy goes around them.. And when transformed lightning goes around them. Hope u like my suggestion
  9. G

    @[email protected] ^^

    Hmm i've finished my new model, it's cell form one and it's still in work but pleaz gimme some critz to improve this thing ;) here you go
  10. S

    Fully charged beam on the Ground

    Everyone knows about it, but it's something that must be fixed(and since i didn't see it in the list of the next things that will be fixed, i opened this topic) As you might know, when you shoot a fully charged attack(like kamehameha, final flash...) from the ground, it will blast on your...
  11. D

    Wut the heck is a normal

    hey when i go to complie my qc in milkshape it says i have to many normals what the heck are they and how do i correct this problem. thanx for the help peeps
  12. G

    gt model pack!

    hey, i'm making a gt model pack. It'll include GT trunks reskin of short-hair armor Trunks by Styreta reskin by me! Chibi Goku/ssj reskin of Goten model by god gundam reskin by me! Adult Goten reskin of Yamcha by brollman RESKIN BY ME! Shenron (REPLACES SHENLONG IN CAPT DB MODE) reskin of...
  13. Morrone

    Screenshot Help Request

    Ok I'm no pro sigger but I'd like to take screeenshots of episodes and use them for sigs much like the one I'm usingnow. I try hititng the 'prt scr' button onmy computer whent he frame I want to use a a pic appears but it doesnt work. The one in my sig was a fluke and I can't seem to od it...
  14. S

    SSJ3 Vegeta

    Does ne1 have a good ssj vegeta? i really need 1!
  15. solidus

    Awesome Model

    Awesome Model *Gotenks* i was looking over at another forum a while back and i found this picture, and i was wondering if anyone knows what mod this model is for, or if it was ever released? i would post this where i found it, but i cant remember where it was...
  16. Jaredster

    My sig i made for friend (need critz)

    I think the text could use some work.
  17. Slash

    fading to white?

    you guys know when like in dbz gifs sometimes (in the good ones) the screen like "fades" to white kinda? like when gohan powers up in this GIF how do i do that? i have photoshop 7 and paint shop pro and ms paint :D
  18. P

    iiiiiiiiitts GOHAN!

    K so hes not really skinned but he looks kwelll :D :D :D i think he rocks :D :D :D o btw i made model :P neone wanna help me :)
  19. W

    question 'bout the new lookout map

    will the new kami's lookout have a hyperbolic time chamber in it? you know, like the one swisscheese made? that would be sweet...
  20. K

    fully suporting the modt file

    for those who don't know what the modt file is, it's that pop up in cs ussaly explaing the rules of the server, emails, and websites. ESF doesn't fully suports this file, i say fully because you can create your own modt file and us it, but your charaters are limited. Also you have to selcet...