1. Twillypop

    1.3 Open Beta Final Server Freeze

    I'm having a problem with 1.3 Open Beta Final, I recently downloaded it from the ESF website and I was PUMPED it actually came out.:smile: So I downloaded it to my Half Life folder and it installed just fine and I opened it up to play. Everything was working till I made a server, it loaded fine...
  2. Skyrider

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Freeza Force Grab!

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[PoTW]"><img src=""></a> Enjoy people.
  3. DaisukeJP

    game freeze @ server connect

    hey guys my game freezes when i connect to a server. wth is wrong?
  4. D

    Guildo's Time Freeze?

    They are making Guildo in 1.3 I would like to know how would this work? I mean they won't just make us all stop cause then people would do that just to piss you off. I think they should make him slow time down and make us go slower and the the person playing Guildo can go at regular speeds. SO...
  5. I

    Time Freeze!

    Have anyone payed attention to The Dev Journals lately? If not, check out eclipse. It shows the little pudgy four eyed man of doom. What wonders you think he will ish out in ESF?
  6. B

    The Freiza Freeze

    This ability is used towards the end of DBZ episode 73 'Clash of the Super Powers' where freiza gets in close to goku and surrounds him with a ball of ki. While inside the ball goku cant move and Frezia explains that ball will explode if it touches anything but him. Frezia then proceeds to smack...
  7. O

    Freeze in 1.3

    I think ppl or characters should be able to freeze in 1.3.(what does he mean?) Simple..all characters are afraid to die..and when an strongbeam counters i think weak people should freeze a second (able to block though before inpact) Unable to move..ppl will think crap...but when you watch the...
  8. S

    ESF connecting screen freeze

    Ok when ever i try to play esf i get to the screen where i am connecting to a server and it just freezes. I just updated my video card and it started happening.
  9. Dante7524

    Freeze After Connecting Successfully - Help Plz

    I boot up ESF, see the server list, join OR create a game, connect successfully, then, once I get to the character selection screen, a few seconds after my game and comp completely freezes, causing me to have to reboot. Anyone have any ideas? Respond quickly please! I really wanna get back...
  10. S

    Why does my esf freeze at the console screen when i am connectin to a server.

    ok this is wierd why is it doing this?
  11. C

    freeze bot

    I don't know much about console commands so I donno how to track IPs or WON ids but right now in the reality check server there is a bot (i know this because people fly through his back and he has 0 deaths) its name is "UNDEFEATED OF THE EAST" I believe and it plays for a while then freezes...
  12. Y

    why does it freeze

    i think its *** when it freezes
  13. A

    Ice Freeze

    I made a new WP/design thing.. Critz?
  14. S

    Temporary freeze when connecting to server

    When I connect to a serer, there's this time showing me 120 seconds left. It goes to 110 or something, then stops. After 100 seconds it says in the console "connection accepted", but where the timer is it says "server timed out". But, when I try it the next time I connect to the sever and can...
  15. Bryggz

    game freeze problems

    for some reason after about 20 minutes of play, my game freezes, i run a geforce4mx 420(or 440, me forget) with 256 ram.....on the second highest resolution in opengl mode...i havent had this problem until recently....i havent changed any settings and its now doing it.....somebody help me
  16. C

    Game Freeze

    When ever i try to connect and it says connection accept and then my game freezes so i have to restart my computer could it be my fmod.dll? EDIT: and im running in Direct3D mode coz my Video Card Sucks like Sh!t
  17. Mewtwo

    Post count freeze?

    I poster 3 or 4 times and my post count is still 88, This thread is to confirm and if confirmed to seek help from a mod. edit *ok It's been confirmed It still 88* someone help me.
  18. B


    everytime i try to install esfbeta100 my computer freezes, it takes forever to configure windows installer, then once i start to install it just freezes. please help
  19. L


    If I start a LAN-Game and press Escape/Done/Done/Yes then ESF freeze! On my old computer the bug wasn´t there! Now i have a: AMD Athlon 2000+ 256 MB DDR-RAM GeForce 3 Ti200 WinXP HomeEdition Direct X 8.1 Sound onboard I´ve updatet HL to and ESF version Alpha 2.0...