1. E

    Freeza finger beam BUG!

    When with Freeza, I shot finger beam in esf_budokai, on ground, then I can't jump, only fly, when I press E, then i can jump.
  2. R

    Freeza Death Ball finger move.

    in the esf 1.3... i have a idea. While freeza start to charge the Death ball, he begins to charge the ball with the finger death, and when it is complete, it simply moves the finger to the death ball go where he wants .* I saw it at the beginning of Dragon Ball and kai would be nice if it...
  3. Skyrider

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Freeza Force Grab!

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[PoTW]"><img src=""></a> Enjoy people.
  4. It's over One Million!

    King Cold - Freeza's buddy?

    It's cool if last Freeza's transformaton will be no Mecha-Freeza but just added King Cold as a buddy. What do you think about this?
  5. Tenzo

    Freeza skin tone

    the esf 1.3 model can something be done about freeza's skin tone? i mean more lighten up a bit! and the center chest thing bigger!
  6. G

    More stuffs from me - Goku from Freeza saga and other stuff

    Well I decided not to show my work on this forum anymore coz every time I’m accused for ripping with no right by you know who Anyway back on topic. Goku from freeza saga (2nd try at Goku) : This rige is a wip one, I restarted it. And I remade completely Tifa’s hair and fixed her...
  7. S

    Mecha Freeza

    How about Mecha Freeza as a transformation or as a whole new character with King Cold as his buddy? Mecha Freeza was said to be even more powerful, so I think it would make a great transformation.
  8. D2

    DbzHood Models - Goku ssj BD, Freeza, Cell, Etc etc..

    Hi there peeps, I have a few models to show you, and if you dont like em.. wel too bad ! ;) Lets start of with Goku Battle Damaged Click to Enlarge and a little pose Click to Enlarge ------------ A Freeza Click to Enlarge a nice pose again Click to Enlarge...
  9. D2

    Freeza Final Stage

    Teh FreezaH, anyways C&C please, and drawovers are welcome too :) Click to Enlarge
  10. jp

    Trunks vs Freeza, again

    I was not aware that there was a edit buton. But i deleted the whole thread acidentaly! Here it is again. Both, the black without blood, and the on normal, with blood. Tell me what i can improve, and wich you like the most. The bloody one The dark one. The bloody dark
  11. U

    Freeza Transform = Change of POV?

    When I transfomred with Freeza mt POV changed quite a bit. The crosshair was moved to 15 degrees to the left. Anyone else have this problem?
  12. D

    Freeza Disk balancing being done?

    For the time that I have played ESF, I notice that there are two disk attacks: Freeza's disk and Krillin's Destructo Disk. Freeza gets his disk as soon as you start out. You can chage it up, throw it, and return it back to your hand. Krillins Destructo Disk is his final ability (so he only...
  13. D

    destructo disk freeza disk

    take them out or make it so it isnant 1 hit kill it oisses me off
  14. M

    Goku vs Freeza ( .gif Video )

    Heyzz Guys I was bored at school so i deside to make a funny gif video i think its hella funny hope you like it ^^ Greetings Maistro
  15. S

    Freeza Form 1 The Mighty Midget

    Yes it had to happen I finally started skinning a dbz model, this is an early WIP but its moving nicely so far,, still alot of muscle work to do, btw I know the shoulders aren't accurate I am just leaving them as they are for now :-) ! Please C&C to you hearts content! latz Show
  16. Kreshi

    Freeza Form 4 WIP

    Hi guys^^ Another WIP model of me, lol^^ Now freeza in his 4th form :laff: :yes: Here 2 pics: The front proportions aren´t as good because I used "real" Freeza pics and the side- proportions were different between the front proportions :smile: Critz?? PS: It have some...
  17. P

    Freeza Form 2

    Does anyone know where i can get a Frieza2 skin or can someone plz make one for me? I have nothing against the current one, its just that it is too freakin big.
  18. G

    New Freeza Move!

    yes, ive thought of a new, never before seen freeza move! Energy Charge! remember when freeza and ssj goku were going at it? freeza covered himself in energy and charged goku who was firing a kamehameha. they then had a little struggle as goku tried to push freeza away, and freeza tried to keep...
  19. CM

    Shin Carl Inc. Reskins

    All of these were done by SSJ Shin Carl, me is just hostin and postin for him. First Up- Weighing in 6 tons of lipstick, and with credits from: PCJoe for the Alpha Model and Ultra 33 for the EDIT!!! same credits and above, only the edit is different, its frieza 100 % form...
  20. I

    freeza wip

    here's my freeza model im working on :p... its not anything yet but ima do the head and kneck then post another update *crits*