1. Kurt`

    Ok, since the forums are boring lately [possible 56k alert]

    Post your desktop! D: (1.2 megs) or (if the above link is down) <3 Jessica Alba, </3 JPG color rape
  2. DragonDude

    Martians Attack ESF Forums, News At 11

    Oh noes!
  3. S

    New To Forums

    Hey all, Just thought id pop in and say hi, i used to be a huge ESF Maniac a year or so back, when it was first out, playing under silly names i cant remember, anyways ill cu in the servers and ofc the forums. switch
  4. S

    Anyone know any other good forums?

    i used to be a pretty big forum junkie then i kinda fell out of the loop and now that i'm getting back into it i find esf is the only really good forum i know at the moment... so... anyone know of any other good boards? :]
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Free Web Forums?

    I want to make a better free website that i can customize easily. I have a proboards 27 one, but its so limitied, its ahrd to make it look good. Is V bulletin free? Who knows some good ones, or just a free webhosting thing i can work with to make a nice website.
  6. Suh Dude

    Do not go directly to RedSaiyan forums!

    Please do not go directly to Redsaiyan forums. It has some nasty stuff in all the post's and all the names have changed into something racist, but exept mine, Inakuro. Kurt has hacked, and yet I'm blame for the hacking. Unless you like nasty stuff, then go. I have a full convo of...
  7. |Overlord|


    ack , i was just reading stuff at the dmz forums , makes my mind kinda warp to another dimension , ack , there forums seem to also have a lota flaming while on the subject of dmz , do any of you bother to play it , after bothering to finally take a look at it in the first time in a millions...
  8. Sicron

    Whats up with the forums?

    Well alot of treads are saying "0 replies" while if i look into these treads, there are alot of replies, also, if you look on the index where you see the latest post in a tread, the tread titles seem to be wrong X_x
  9. ~`Orochi`~

    New to the forums, saying hello =)

    It's my pleasure to join this forum and I would like to greet everyone with upmost respect. Thank you for having me. :shocked:
  10. G

    Forums - New Server location

    Basically, to test our the new datacenter we are building here in Australia, we have moved the ESF forums onto a server located within this new facility. We would like to hear people's comments on how they find the new server, speedwise and any problems you may come accross! Cheers!
  11. Linda


    i hope this isnt considered advertising, but for those of you that remember sohl forums....... which i guess is smo, humpie, jc, and angela......... the forums are back. the site is still being renovated, so come back and visit. its a free for all forum....... spam to your heart's content...
  12. Brim

    The Who was the first person you talked to from the forums outside of the forums Thre

    So yeah, I pretty much explained in the title what the thread is about, who was the first person for you to talk to outside of forum posting from the forums? Mine is teh Magus. After posting in a thread about how well mannered he was, and how I'd like to have a match with him, he IM'ed me on...
  13. Grega

    How did you start off on theese forums?

    The question is simple how did you start here? For me it was the suggestions part whit ideas that got blown um by Nretep cause they would unbalance the game and later on i moved to offtopic, ESF chat, Help and Noob Central. Im still on those and sometimes i look in Mapping since im a noob...
  14. Sicron

    How often do YOU visit the ESF Forums?

    title explains all... i visit twice or more times a day X-x
  15. Catman

    Leaving the forums

    Well im going to leave the esf forces now school starting etc well good bye to everyone... one day i might come back.. I made this short im not good at making long paragraphs :(
  16. M

    if u haven't been to dbzps2 forums lately

    Here is what uv been missing, just recently new screenshots have been unveiled and they are in the spoiler topic here at the bottom. Check out ssj2 gohan and his fighting stance, this game is looking great. Nothing wrong with...
  17. A

    Esf forums dont have as many viewers latley

    Ive seen my friend post in here sometimes and the viewers on some parts of the forum are 9 and sometimes like 15. Today almost all day all i've seen is 2 or 3 :S
  18. G

    who has been on forums longest?

  19. R

    Avatars on Forums

    I'm trying to upload my new avatar to go with the new sig I have, and it looks like it's going to work but when it goes to the "thank you" screen or w/e, above it is all this writting saying its denied and stuff... whats up guys?
  20. Kamex

    Request for the Forums

    Currently, the board is using the default vbulletin 3 color scheme. While this scheme is nice looking, nothing about it feels DBZish. I think the board should have it's own color scheme.