1. A

    fonts *DOH*

    Well... i formateted my c: drive... and i forgot to save my fonts... :cry: so now i dont know what to do.. i need specielly the code one ;D any wann wanan make a font pack or give me some fast font pageg.. and yes i have searcht. //grz zion
  2. G

    Finished my map esf_pyramid

    just get it there or if you are very lazy look and download...
  3. Cold Steel

    My new map.

    Owk just as i said i was going to create a new map. Well here it is. Give some constructive critisism.:p btw you all know the deal just copy...
  4. M

    Gt Goku model

    Hey i made this skin for goku from Gt! yes i didnt make the model, its goten with new clothes :) , But this is my first time i ever do anything with models so for a noob i think its a good job:] well what do you think? the pic is here yes the site is originally a Zelda site (and a...
  5. DaKD

    SSJ Brolly

    here the first part of my SSJ-LSSJ Brolly pack its still a WIP but crits wuld be nice. YES this is for esf so dont ask PLZ *edit* new pics later :fight:
  6. S


  7. S

    frieza or buu

    does anyone have frieza form three or super or kid buu? if you do can you please give me a link? thanx:)
  8. Skinnerfool

    Where can i get this model

    where can i get a supreme kia model i search for it but i sin't see any so someone give me da link!
  9. M

    ssj3 goku

    where can I find a decent ssj 3 goku, I've only seen one, and it looks realy wierd. Its the one from redsaiyan. Please give me Links, Ive searched the forums the best I can already.
  10. MSF

    Battle Damaged Goku

    [email protected], i have worked the last 2 days on a battle damaged Goku and ssj Goku here the Link for the model. please write what you thing about this. ps. thanks to AZN for the battle damage Gohan and the ESF team for this Goku model
  11. S

    New Sig! (woot)

    me gots a new sig... and btw I DID make the skin for both the sig and avatar :o
  12. A

    how do i make a milkshape file a mdl file

    i have made a model that i will post here, but i need to know how i export it as a mdl file for the game? plz help me thanks you
  13. fatmanterror

    will somebody skin my black brother??

    hey i made a Schwarz Bruder, i was wondering if somebody would wanna skin it for me since i suck at it, i still got a few things to do like make hands and stuff, and i forgot to make some vertices face forward before i took this so thats why his stomach looks a little odd, but i assure u its not...
  14. G


  15. A


    how do i deocompile it
  16. Akhkaru

    Battle Damage Gohan Edit

    Okay, this is NOT my model, I forgot who the maker is but he will post here, I'm sure. It's a good model, I JUST EDITED IT. Okay, now, I changed the Mystic Gohan skin a bit and made is an SSJ instead of mystic. I only deserve credit for skinned part I did, and the model was created by whoever...
  17. S

    Compile model

    How do i compile my model
  18. L

    Any Ideas?

    Hey whats up hadyadeya. Anyone here want to give off some ideas for a model they would like to see? Im clueless on what to make so i would appreciate it if you would post some ideas Thx P.S. Im not a n00b i forgot my account and to lazy to do the work.:tired:
  19. T

    electric ssj2 aura request

    I know some people are making it so i wanted to know where to download it. Also how would I make one?
  20. TimTheEnchantor

    The All Seeing Eye wallpaper..

    Heres my newest piece -- The All Seeing Eye Probably my weirdest one. This is combined with 3d studio max and photoshop to make airbrush affects and to allow erosion to symbolize how old and wize the eye is. I was asking myself how the earth came to be and I took a quick snapshot of my...