1. Reading Rainbow

    Force Pit questions

    How many Force Pit members are there at the moment? Also why are there no longer forum competitions? The last competition that I saw happened in 2009. I saw the Force Pitters thread and read that people who have contributed to the community are granted access however this is only done...
  2. Reading Rainbow

    Ginyu Force question

    I was looking at the ESF FAQ characters and transformations and I saw this: Ginyu : 1.000.000 (base) Guldo : 2.000.000 Jeice : 4.000.000 Burter : 6.000.000 Recom : 8.000.000 all the characters go from base (weakest) to an ascended version of themselves but here it looks like Ginyu, the...
  3. Chakra-X

    Eclipse Force- My new action short

    For those who do not know, I go to school for animation. I will be graduating soon, but I recently finished my senior thesis animation that I've worked on for 10 months. If you like Dragonball Z or Naruto like action, you may like it haha.
  4. Hawkman

    Ginyu Force and USSJ Trunks

    After i checked this: I have 2 questions.(I know that this list might be a little old) 1)Why is Captain Ginyu at the bottom? I thought that this dude is the strongest of them all. He is the captain after all...
  5. A

    why am i no longer a force pitter?

    i has made my triumphant return! which im sure has been long awaited /sarcasm. But why on earth am i not a force pitter anymore? lol did cucumba steal my access XD
  6. FalconFury

    What is a force pitter?

    I am sorry without a valid account but I just wanna know what was a force pitter and what that word means. Can you please tell me what was that meaning of the word. :(
  7. dman86

    Ginyu Force & Spice Boys

    Title says it all :) Is the Ginyu Force & Spice Boys gonna be added on ESF 1.3 ?
  8. Mous4u

    Mous4u To The Force Pit?

    In The Chatbox people are editing my chats now i want REVENGE! And not only that but i sometimes want to close MY OWN Thread if i solve the promblem and..then things go offtopic and then i close it! Vote For ME FOR FP!!
  9. Skyrider

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Freeza Force Grab!

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[PoTW]"><img src=""></a> Enjoy people.
  10. Mephisto

    Heavy Metal Task Force

    "Premieres Friday, October 2" As the date says it's a new show and i just saw it today, I enjoyed it alot;) if your out for Metal, then ofc there is some el-guitar and music in between. But it was mostly machines that did funny stuff, or destroying forests' as if they were possed by demons:p...
  11. Mephisto

    Star Wars: The Force unleashed to PC!

    Finally they have decided to make Star Wars: The Force unleashed to PC (and mac), been waiting for that ever since i tryed it on Xbox360 at one of my friends :D
  12. B

    One time only thing! Force pit content released!

    Just kidding. Discuss.
  13. M

    Delta Force: Extreme 2?

  14. Q

    Does this work with HL opposing force?

    Does it? Thanks you.
  15. M

    Delta Force: Angel Falls

    Description: Features: System Requirements: Screenshots: Source:
  16. sub

    Star Wars: Force Unleashed

    is pure awesome. Anyone else play the demo?
  17. SS4 Gogeta

    Star Wars: Force Unleashed

    This game is gonna be toooo awsome.:smile:
  18. M

    Delta Force - Angel Falls Information

  19. Skyrider

    Force Pit Information Thread

    -= Force Pit Information =- What is The Force Pit? The Force Pit is a special V.I.P (Very Important Person) area for people who have contributed in some way to the community. Inside The Force Pit you will see all sorts of exclusive media that the general public doesn't have access to. This...
  20. gohan_ssj2

    Force Pit

    how do i get access to force pit ??..the link on the sticky is not working..
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