1. Sicron

    Need help finding some fonts.

    For a school project, I have to sort of redesign a website to fit my own needs for the project. Now because of my uber fonttype recognition skills...I have absolutely no idea what fonts they are: Now, the two fonts I need are the "PinkPop" font, and the "Home", "Webshop" etc. font. I have...
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    Recommend me some good fonts.

    Well, currently my biggest obstacle in creating a good sig is choosing the right font. I've gone through all of photoshop's default fonts but whatever I take it turns out lame. I heard that you can download fonts somewhere. So can anyone give me a link to them or at least the name of the font...
  3. I

    photoshop fonts

    Hey i am looking for Photoshop fonts like the ones i have on my sig " the prince" I need a whole bunch of fonts as cool as that one any good sites out ther?
  4. U

    Fonts problem

    I have a problem with fonts. That is when I try to load any map at first it used to say userconfig.cfg not found. I changed a file name config.cfg to userconfig.cfg and it was solved. But now the console while loading maps says gfx/vgui/fonts/800_Scoreboard Title.tga cannot be found...
  5. Sicron

    Fonts needed X_x

    well im in need of fonts, and i was wondering what ur favorite fonts are...i can go look at sites like dafont, or 1001fonts or sumthing like that, but i never know what to chose at those sites X_x
  6. G


    hmm... where are you guys getting your fonts from ? i cant seem to find any good ones hehe.. could you just give me a couple of links where you can get some nice ones from? a big thanks in advance
  7. A

    Can Anyone Suggest Some Good Sig Fonts?

    I Am looking around 1001fonts... but I cannot find any sleak looking font designs. Can anyone suggest some?
  8. sayan master

    abit O.T. (looking for good fonts)

    hi u all well when i look at ppls sigs and cg artworks, i see alot of cool fonts i guess they are all free but if they are not....i dont care :laff: well what i am asking here is actualy where can i get some cool fonts that will work nicely with sigs i m looking for techy fonts and very...
  9. MopageBoy

    Missing fonts

    when i start a game in the console it reads something like this; missing bitmap: 1024_scouterstats text.tga missing bitmap: 1024_Melee text.tga Do they do anything and if i do can i dl it from some where to put back in?
  10. Y

    Anyone seen the Fonts in the POTW?(know where to download)

    Anyone seen the Fonts in the POTW?(know where to download) they are really cool and i love em, anyone know where i can download em?¿?¿?
  11. R

    photoshop fonts

    how every one get thos kickass fonts i only got the orrigonals
  12. R

    Request: Fonts & DBZ Pictures : For Signatures

    Hi, I am just wondering how much help I can get, regarding fonts and nice Dragon Ball z Pictures so I can use them for my signature. Right now it looks ok but I want too make it better with nicer pictures of Goku and Vegeta as well some nice font. The reason I need your help because you guys...
  13. Death The Jedi

    Melted Soul

    Its my second work in Bryce, and yes, I know the font sucks. If anyone can point me in the direction of some fonts that go well with this picture.. please do so.
  14. Death The Jedi


  15. Pommy

    Burned Light

    I decided to use photoshop today and I made this: <img src=> I call it burned light because it looks like light with red (fire looking sorta) around it. critz please
  16. Jaredster

    My Bryce thingy.

    Since everyone is doing Byrce stuff heres is a quick abstract i made.
  17. G

    Dbz Fonts..

    Does Anyone have DBZ fonts ? I don't even know if they exist.. Rofl .
  18. A

    fonts *DOH*

    Well... i formateted my c: drive... and i forgot to save my fonts... :cry: so now i dont know what to do.. i need specielly the code one ;D any wann wanan make a font pack or give me some fast font pageg.. and yes i have searcht. //grz zion
  19. MinesSkylineR34

    fonts in signatures

    what's a good way to put my username in my signature?
  20. S

    photoshop question

    my brother recently got photoshop 7, and so i decided that i might as well start using it so i did, now after 2 weeks of using it, i got to blending options (aka little F button) and photoshop freezes, i've ran norton, checked to see if it was low on ram, i havent downloaded any fonts yet so if...