1. IFlip92


    I was thinking that it would be a nice addition to add a dense fog which would break up the fast gameplay for a few minutes and try to play more strategically having to use your scouter and such a lot to detect your opponent, have surprise beams being launched at you and god knows what lol. Fly...
  2. ssj3Viper


    I wanna' make a snakeway map, made the snake, made North Kai's planet, but i want to make it more realistic, i want to put some clouds under the snake, like fog. How can i make the fog only under the snake? I want it to look kinda like this: Post any suggestions u have
  3. imkongkong

    Fog help!!

    in my map when i put the fog it looks fine, it's white! when i enter the ocean, it turns blue. when i come out of the ocean, the fog is blue =\ any ideas how to fix this so the fog remains white even after going into the ocean? oh btw, also does anyone know where i can download sky boxes...
  4. E

    Creating FOG, please help

    well i have looked every where on the net and at the stickys a bit... but can someone tell me how to make fog in worldcraft and if not set the max distance less because i have seen it done/?
  5. CM

    Fog problem

    When i use fog in maps, the sky turns into solid blue. Is there anyway to avoid this?
  6. Optional


    I made this for NightShade; I was planning on showing it to him, but he is never on! >< This map is perfect for: Duels Large Battles Training It is a big, foggy mountain with like 15 spawns for each team! Pic:
  7. S

    Waterfals, Fog And Other Cool Stuff

    Ummm I just started getting the real hang of mapping in hammer editor and was just wondering if anyone could give me pointers for fog and waterfalls, waterfalls especially. also i dont know if im allowed to do this if not tell me and i wont do it again but im starting a mod and if anyone wants...
  8. S

    Just some 3-D art

    Just figured Id toss some stuff up here for you all to look at.... I personally enjoy doing space type picture, save for Sauron(no one ever gives the bad guys any glory). Anyhow, you can check out more of my stuff Gallery
  9. dudeman


    hey there guys, hey you know when u got openGL mode on and u go under water, you see everything foggy. would it be possible to make that fog above water? that would be cool! it would make esf look really great! all houses and rocks and stuff coming out of the fog when you fly to it...
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