1. Skyrider

    Free copy of Killing Floor

    I'm giving away a free copy of Killing Floor. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="853" height="510" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/hnmUFGbx2M0?hd=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Just reply in this thread and I'll randomize the names to see who is the lucky winner...
  2. elcor

    free weekend Killing Floor

    Free Weekend on Now! Play the full game for FREE including the All-New "Level Up" Content Pack that contains 3 Maps, 7 Weapons, 20+ Steam Achievements and More! Must have Steam installed. Play now and enjoy all the new content! i am downloading now,i want play this game ,who is going to...
  3. SS4 Gogeta

    Patient dies on hospital floor

    http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/07/01/waiting.room.death/index.html?iref=topnews#cnnSTCVideo WTH IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??!!?!?! In a HOSPITAL no less. That Securtiy guard gets 1,000/10 for being absolutly worthless, that moron should be fired then bound, weighed down and locked in he same postion...
  4. Mccdbz5

    Bouncing off the floor bug

    Well, just recently, I have found a bug where if someone comes up behind you and knocks you on the floor to where you are laying down, and you didn't hold space bar to jump off. Well, if you do, press space bar right after your hit and you'll fly off the floor in that laying down position...
  5. S

    beam of the floor

    I was thinking .... you know when you get smacked to the floor and it makes you lie on the floor ? i thought that maby you could have a button that you press that (while your flying about to smash into something) makes a little beam thing, that forces you of the floor (trunks vs goten, trunks...
  6. B

    Black? wha!

    Yea so here is a fun map I just made (in like 1hour) Really fun to mess around in ;) its nothing but black and a little time building. It beats looking at a gray background heh :tired: http://members.rogers.com/ape/ape_timechamber.zip ok here is some screenshots...
  7. X

    what is Bryce?

    well now i have seen so many peeps talking about somethign called Bryce.. what is it? and is it free?

    My, lets say. . . . . first map

    Tell me what you think. <font face="verdana" size="1" color="red"><b>http://idump.resistance-resonator.com/view.php?x=803</b><br><br></font> :notice: But theres a problem and I can't play on it, Hammer crashes when i want to compile. I only changed the sky to func_wall -> move to...
  9. Cold Steel


    there's this map called afc_namek i can't get it to work you dl it from www.redsaiyan.net if the creator would be so nice to tell me why it isn't working i will loose my bad mood cuz the map looks pretty good
  10. Farago

    Holding someone and slamming him to the floor

    [Read everything first and I mean read everything carfully and be honest about your comments] Hopefully no ones suggested something a lot like mines if so sorry. Ok if you press 1 again, the mode changes like when you press 2 with Piccolo. His normals ki balls become sacatter balls. Well...
  11. E


    When building a map in Hammer, I get trouble while building the walls, for example: Ill have the floor(with textures) and the info_player_start, down, but when I go to put a wall up, (using the top view) the walls just go through the map, or away from the map, and not around the egdes, like they...
  12. E

    Adding floors/ceiling/roof help!!!

    I am making a map for ESF, as well as one for CS, and I'm using Valve Hammer 3.4. Where is the tool to add a floor and roof/ceiling to maps...? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. K

    senzu beans?

    I have a major problem with the senzu beans...they always show up just below the ground. You can still grab them, but can't see them. How can I fix this? I have already tried making the ground 1 unit thick and I am also using the hullfile. What gives?
  14. J

    "map" idea

    hey is it posibel to edit cell day to do this: when somone touch the floor he die, he only may touch the tatami put the rocks as destructibel, but with lot of health
  15. AscendantSaiyan

    Map suggestion

    I dont know which area this should be in so i put it in the maps area. Could you make a map for beta that is like the scene when the music is playing in DBZ of Gohan (young) is jumping over hills that are sticking out of clouds then the dragon comes up throught the clouds (of course im not...
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