1. Mr.Lukyas

    Firing a mod!

    In all history of this forum, did ever heppen, that some mod was fired by admin, for some reason?
  2. B

    Beam Firing Bug

    I don't know if this is even possible, but it did happen to me once. I was charging a beam (could have been final flash I think) and someone swooped at me from out of my vision to the side. Now, they didn't enter any kind of melee, but they swooped across from right to left RIGHT in my face...
  3. Amayirot Akago

    Bots not firing

    I play ESF with bots only, but I have a problem: the bots simply refuse to fire beams at me! All they do is melee and sometimes try to charge a beam or something (but they don't charge them enough to fire) but they'll immediately revert back to melee again. Even if I set melee to 0 they won't...
  4. S

    while firing beams

    Well, i was thinking, when u fire a beam and some1 attacks u with watever, it seems a little unfair that u sumtimes u dislocate from your beam, so i was thinking, when you fire a beam, if you had a little bar or sumthin at the side (lets call it a "beam integrity bar"), evry attack that people...
  5. X

    rapid firing with vegeta

    hey how do you use rapid fire with vegeta???
  6. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Firing beams from the ground

    I thought that this problem was solved in Beta 1, but recently I encountered it again few times. It is when you are standing on the ground and fire a beam. Sometimes it just explodes immediately. (If that matters: it happened with Vegeta's Gallit Gun)
  7. K

    My Elite Scatterbeam!!!

    Alright, it isn't elite. It looks kinda weird, or really weird but it does look pretty cool. It was originally for a generic beam, but I changed it into the scatterbeam and I thought I would just show you guys.
  8. Farago

    screen when firing a beam.

    [Read everything carfeully before you post/vote and be honest] Ok if this has been suggested before sorry. I think when you shoot a beam or whatever, when you move the mouse, your screen shouldn't turn or move if you hold a botten, say Ctrl since there is no crouch. This way it gives...
  9. D

    partical system when firing beams

    i think that if youre on or close to the ground (say, equivlent to 10 meters) and you fire a beam the partical system that Pcjoe made should be implemented, just have a little dust and a few rocks sprayin behind the player in a cone shape like this only without it looking crappy :)...
  10. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Old Bug @ Firing beams

    I wonder that this is not mentioned already in the "Alpha 2 Known Bugs", since it is a well known and much hated bug. When you charge and fire a beam while you are floating in the air and you deactivate flying when exactly after the beam has been fired, you fall down and the beam stays up. so if...