1. Rocky

    AVG Firewall Help

    So I've had AVG for nearly a month now and the firewall basically doesn't like my bittorrent. When using the "StandAlone Computer" profile with bittorrent allowed, I can't seem to get through. The way I've been getting around this is by using the "Allow All" profile which basically turns the...
  2. .Guzzie.

    Anti-Vrius & Firewall.

    Hey guys...I was just wondering...because I think i'll format my computer because I got so much crap from downloading to much pron.*Sigh* /Me is soo stoopid. Anyways...I just wanted to ask you guys,What do you consider to be the best: Anti-Virus Protecter And Firewall. Either Free or...
  3. H

    firewall or what?

    i didint find any thread or help at this.. so i get timeout from many server and i dont know why.. i got router and firewall but at other games those work just fine.. and well i got other question too when i play ESF i get pretty nasty lag. sometimes ping raise to 500 and i cant do anything...
  4. ~*Logan*~

    My firewall is off but I still cant make a game!

    Hello. I have asked this once before in the past but I chose to try and make a game once more, this time with my personal firewall AND college firewall turned off. However, I create a game (LAN is unchecked of course) with my firewalls off and still no one can see my server. I asked the...
  5. P

    Firewall stuff

    How do I configure my firewall to allow ESF and all those other counter-strike/halflife/condition zero games so I can be able to host servers?
  6. X


    I have a firewall and nobody come in my server...... :scared: Why..? Because the firewall? Help me plz!!! I will make a server with a lot of people!!! :(
  7. F

    Firewall, ports help!

    Hey Im on a dsl home network connection, 512k and the server is a router, anyways the fire wall, it never shows my servers online, I opened ports 27010,27015 ect But my games still dont show up, I even turned off my fire wall, and the games still dont show up, I have both half lifes...
  8. E


    hi i want to play esf but i have a firewall can some please tell me how to disable it or some thing for a while..... EDIT** i can t find any servers in internet games and i have filtered correctly i used to play counter strike untill this *** fire wall so i know how to join and stuff.........
  9. DragonDude

    Recommendation For A Gamer-Friendly Firewall

    Well, it finally happened. I'm finally leaving the world of slow, weak, disconnecting 56k, and getting wonderful 1.5MB/ps cable connection... in two weeks... I'm gonna die waiting...but that's not the point of the thread, the point is...well, read the title. :P The only 'good' firewall I know...
  10. P


    Anyone here know how to turn off Windows Xp firewall.. if you could tell me it would help me out a bit.. thanks
  11. Frieza

    Port holes in a firewall

    What are the port holes for the firewall, i cant create a server on esf :( and i want to 4 me and my friends, but they never appear, im on 512k and have what i thought was a port hole open, how do i fix this :(
  12. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    Firewall Help

    okay. I Have a firewal or im behide a firewall w/e. thnxs 2 the firewall i cant make my own servers. if u know of anythink like changing the port or anything plz replie.:devsmile: :devgrin: ;(
  13. N

    Firewall hosting problem.

    Firewall hosting..It sucks, I would like to host my own esf games but i am behind a firewall, possibly 2 not really sure, i can get out of the DMZ (demilatarized zone) for my cable's connection router and thats one firewall out of the way, but i think my ISP (internet service provider) has one...