1. S

    Ps2 Cover Contest Finalists

    Well, The three finalists for the Psx/Ps2 Cover Contest have just been chosen! All of your entries were great so don't get offended if you weren't chosen because each cover came real close! The three finalists for the Ps2 Cover Contest are: Hsu Neco Nazghul Please vote...
  2. A

    New Trunks Look...maybe???

    I myself love Trunks. But, id love to see a different (better) look for him. Basically, I know this would be a lot of work, but it would be pretty awesome to have. The Trunks from the future Trunks from the Cell saga where he has Vegetas saiyan outfit on and he has the longer hair. Yes, when...
  3. S

    Infinity Streak Version 2.0

    It sucks but its better than the last. Created entirely in Ps, Ima get this coded by Stinger, lol. Crits wanted.
  4. E

    USAX New WallPaper

    Hey all, I have returned. Here is a WallPaper, throw out some input.
  5. X

    New Pfx Sig

    well its not that good but i hope yo guys like it. may i hear some opinions please.
  6. L

    my newly made picture

    ok what do you think about it guys?
  7. xstortionist

    my *NEW* custom character I'm working on...

    oh yea u heard right...ever since last night i started working on this model and I finally got a good perspective of where its heading...i wanna share what i have so far.
  8. owa

    Sig thing or ya whatever...

    Hey, Well I made a sig I kinda like it I'm just trying some new style and stuff just practicing you know I'm sitll a n00b and I suck and I dun care. tell me what you ugys tihnk :)
  9. Megasaxon

    Bask in the glory that is......

    ...nevermind that, just have a gander at my new avatar and sig :) and stuff :p
  10. O


    and yet another medabots model. this one is pheonix the fire breathing..uhh..pheonix? crits welcome. click me foo
  11. Ryoko

    New Wallpapers (Both 800 and 1024)

    I entered these into that (now closed) wallpaper competition and got no comments, so I'm asking here, what do you think of them? Don't forget the other 1024 version, they are a little different.
  12. S

    Rivalry [Goku vs. Vegeta]

    Well, Yesterday my Isp went down so I made a Wall for fun I know I said 10 mins but I lied :rolleyes: It was more like a 20 minute wall... Anyways, Enjoy :)
  13. Ryoko

    CnC on this Ryoko Wallpaper

    My oh my, these seem to be all the rage nowadays. Good job my forum nick represents my favourite anime character ^^ Can I have Comments and Critism's please. Bear in mind it isn't finished yet.
  14. suicidal_maniac

    Final Fantasy Wallpapers

    I made these for fun I think they look pretty cool. Im just lookin for some opinions.
  15. S

    Atmosphereics .V 01

    Hey guys, I jsut finished my new wallpaper. Enjoy * By the way, Celestial Designs is my clan* Some C n' C please :)
  16. ultrassj_vegeta


    hmmm the new model is nice... but for some reason he looks disproportionate... or sumfins...
  17. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Modeler/skinner/mapper needed

    Hey guys , the -=SSJ-Project=- is searching some modeler/skinner/mapper and maybe a 2d artist for making some pics ! We have made some SSJ8´s and We wanne make everyone like "Bebi" (u know Bebi-Vegeta) but we need modeler and skinner for that, now we just have one guy for that , so if u r...
  18. darklord_avalon

    I am in need of assistance

    Who here can animate a 3d modle, you would need to make skeleton. its in MilkShape 3d format If ou can render me any services (and dont have fire wall, cause then I cant send the modle) Aim me (if you have aim) at darklordavalon :D
  19. B


    Heres a link to my deviantart page i now that they suck but please post some comments/critasim(sp?) My Page BrunO
  20. T

    1 hour face (bebi vegeta)

    here is a quick skin i did for my firends model its bebi vegeta... i kinda of mostly guessed what he looked like since every pic i have seen of him he looks different...