1. M

    ffxi fishing

    new fishbot,update 02/April have, fun :) LETS PLAY THE REAPERS GAME;D;D;D;D;D
  2. ~*Logan*~

    whoa O.O (FFXI related)

    For those of you who play FFXI...you know gil is very VERY hard to come by. And whats worse is that everything is so damn expensive! You have to farm gil for a month just to get that weapon/armor you need! Well...good ol' Dark Knight LoganDraconia (in-game name) on the Ragnarok server lucked...
  3. Tassadar

    FFXI Account Recovery

    Alright, so... I have a new video card, and I want to check out what's going on in the FFXI world. I cancelled my Content ID months back, and forgot my ID/Password. I can't make a new account because my cd keys are in use (by me obviously). I checked the support page and I couldn't find...
  4. S

    FFXI Inprovments

    I would Like to know what inprovements could be made to final fantasy 11 like non recicled monsters ect.
  5. C

    New Model: Who Doesn't Like FFXI?

    This is my first posted model here, though I have been modeling/skinning for quite some time. The following is the Curiass model, for those of you who are fans of Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XI (that online crap... BAH!) ---------------------------- The body suit comes first...
  6. Rebirah

    Already quit ffxi :(

    Thats right.. I have already quit and cancled my account.. I thought that was gonna last me a yr or 2... but.. I didnt even get through my free trial. The most annoying thing about it was how you couldnt understand anyone :( Who else has quit ffxi yet? im taking it back in a couple days
  7. Buce


    Hello all... i was wondering peoples opinion on the new FFXI that is online...i have heard that it costs money to play online as well...please tell me if that is true but i basically want to hear what people have to say about it (pros cons...).... Also i was wondering if any one has heard of...
  8. Rebirah

    FF:XI Patch 1hr 30 mins O_o

    Its taking forever on a 1.5 mb cable! Ugh... It may be traffic, but I dunno, anyone lese getting high time remainings?
  9. Loki


    So what do you guys think of this game? I think the game might just be the best FF yet. The online is gonna be so kewl your armor now shows up on you when you attach it. The chocobo's look so kewl and real now. Im getin this one for Christmas:D :yes: :yes:
  10. suicidal_maniac

    How you like my new sig?

    How do you like my new sig? I know its not fantastic but im just lookin for some comments to help improve my skills and my sig. *edit*And if you have any good Hyper Sonic pics PM me. Hes liike the most unpopular character in the world!!!