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    FCX Art Thread

    This is an art thread and will include other media that I've completed or in the process of completing. I've read that you can start your own art thread simular to "Tales Art+Tutorials =D (?)" & " Linda's new topic" in which you can even revive the thread if you have new art to post or any...
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    FCX's MS Paint art Paint is teh best!! lol

    Well I made this in Paint, 100%... Well... I did use PS to add the text and save at a better quallity! lol.. his name is, Kenji Ogami some of you may know him...I'm currently colouring it in, But I'll just give you the outline..for now. I used a graphic tablet to draw this.. (didnt trace...
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    FCX Ryu Art *56K'rs Warned*

    Uh C&C?... ^_^
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    FcX Is Friggin BORED

    Im Not At My Home PC Right Now, Im At A Friends, So Since He Doesnt Have Photoshop, OR Milkshape3d, Or Anythin Thats Kinda Fun Other Then Doom3 Wich Is Boring, So I Just Drew Somthing In Paint lol
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    FcX Sketchz

    I Just Got A New Scanner w00t, lol So Im Ganna Post Up A Couple Of My Sketch'z Tell Me Your C&C.. First Up.. Kakashi From Naruto.. Click Teh Linkie^ :rolleyes:
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    Brolly Model -FcX

    After I Got The Basics Of Modelling Thx To Jenny_Kitty, I Learned How To Vertex Model..Or Poly By Poly Model..Or Somthing Like That :] Anyways, After I Started A 5th Model, I Have Decided To Finish It, I Made My Decision To Make Brolly..This Was My First Model, After That, I Had A Couple Of...
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    FcX's Art-Vegeta In The Works..

    Tell Me Your Thought On My Incomplete Vegeta... :] - The Hair,Eye's,EyeBrows, And Some Other Stuff Is Just Temporary Until Complete..
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