1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Favourite Band/Song Right Now!

    Mines Birthday - Kings Of Leon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKQdHGzGlHA
  2. Avenger

    Name Your Favourite Object Right Now (for great justice)

    GO! Mine is my shiny metal fan, circulating air for me.
  3. Dokutayuu

    Favourite Anime Openings

    It's not terribly lively in here so I guess a thread wouldn't hurt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUxdfkv8cqs Claymore got me into Nightmare ^^. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A62011nyXNI The song's pretty fitting.
  4. wheres_

    Favourite fighters!!!

    What are your favorite fighting games!? Mine- (Well the ones I own and are in rotation atm anyway) Power Stone 2 - Dreamcast (not really a traditional fighter I guess) Super Street Fighter II- New Challengers - SNES Guilty Gear X - Dreamcast Super Smash Bros. / Melee / Brawl - N64 / Gamecube...
  5. G

    10 favourite songs

  6. Dokutayuu

    Least Favourite Anime/Manga?

    We all know which Anime/Manga we like and talk about it a lot. I don't think we talk much about the stuff we don't like though. So here it is. Newer Pokemon Series Ash conveniently dumps all his old pokemon to get new ones despite that his old ones could probably beat them up ^^. Each episode...
  7. wheres_

    Favourite band.

    Post your favorite band, you can only post one. --------- I'd have to go Placebo, got me young so I can't really shake it now.
  8. Optimus Prime

    Favourite songs from your past!

    Thinking back to the music I used to listen to in Elementary school, I had some pretty bad / and good tastes in music. I'd have to say my all time favourite song from Elementary School would have to be Resurrection by the Canadian group Moist, I would have been in grade 6 at the time. For those...
  9. .Guzzie.

    YOUR Favourite song at the moment.

    What's your favourite song AT THE MOMENT. I wanna have a look and if I like it, i'll put it on my Ipod [ Should be honoured ], so when I go for a jog i'll be happy :). Well mine at the moment is -The Quiet Place by In Flames. Got introduced to me by Pain` when he made that ESF Vid...
  10. J

    my favourite so far.. :O

    (the vector was made by me)
  11. .Guzzie.

    Whats your favourite Beam/Wave/Ball etc

    Well the title says it all.What is your favourite beam/wave/ball etc.You might like it cause its strong.:yes: Or you might like it because its pronouced s0o0o well in a Episode.:devgrin: So vote boys. Or maybe because it give people the you know what.I think it'll be interesting which one gets...
  12. |Overlord|

    Your Favourite maps

    Title says all, what are your favourite maps?. My top5 fav maps are: 1. esf_cell_games_night 2. esf_city 3. esf_t_city2 4. esf_zsword 5. esf_volcano_island
  13. |Overlord|

    Your Favourite Childhood Tv Shows

    Well, title says all. What ways your Favourite Childhood Television Show?. 1)Thomas The Tank Engine. Talking Trains that get pissed off at each other, & crash into things frequently =P. 2)Fox's Peterpan & the Pirates. Many of you may not know this, It was a shortlived seris on Peter pan that...
  14. Dokutayuu

    Favourite Map?

    Anyone have a favourite map? I do! I like CellGames DAY not night, it's a big spacey map where loads can go on? Anyone else?
  15. sub

    Favourite fast food

    So whats your favourite fast food restaurant?
  16. Optimus Prime

    Favourite Lyrics

    Post your favourite lyrics. They don't necessarily need to be inspirational. Maybe they made you smile, chuckle, or they drew a tear. Post a whole song or just a snip, it's up to you. Word.
  17. kam!

    What's you favourite music genre?

    Post what types of music you like. Mine is always changing. 1 year ago i listened to hip hop and some rock, then more rock, and now only house and electronic music (but no techno)
  18. Optimus Prime

    What's your favourite Saiyan_Overlord?

    VOTE NOW!!!1
  19. Ka1s3r_x

    which is your favourite map??????

    there is not much traffic around here so i posted this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want everyone's opinion. i think a poll would be too limited. :tired:
  20. Ravendust

    Favourite Saiyan Form

    Chakra-X made best Non-SSJ, so here's best Saiyan \o/