1. ESFfanBoilol

    Manga/Anime whats your fav?

    ok post whats your fav anime/mangas mine are:~ Dragonball Z One Piece Naruto Bleach Cowboy Bebop Death Note Soul Eater Tenjho Tenge Air Gear Black Cat Full Metal Panic! Card Captor Sakura and more!~..
  2. Synth

    Your fav. Melee

    I remember back in 1.0, when it was about targeting, and right clicking, which I think was alright. But, the best was 1.1, where it was right clicking, without targeting. You'd have really long and drawn out fights, because you could manuever so well. Now in the 1.2 era fights can sometimes...
  3. Hamppu

    Ur fav. horror movies!

    topic title sayes it all, post ur fav. horror movies ooooorrrr just a list of some good horror movies.. (did i spell the horror correct? >,< i have a funny feeling that it doesnt look correct) My friend asked me to get him some big-ass-long list of horror movies so if u all may plz pretty
  4. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Fav typing style

    So yea o_? - Ir teh 10y old boi of latvia butt i act liek ir amerikan lol - Dude speak (yo yo word bling bling) - Normal english - 1337 sp33k Edit: I try to go with normal english, but still make quite a few errors due to english not being my main language o_O
  5. DBZ master

    fav car

    mercedes BMW ferery lamborgini wats ur fav
  6. DBZ master

    wats ur fav

    wat would u say your fav dbz game was i would say mine was budikai 3 i
  7. A


    What's your favorite word to describe this one thing...? a.) boobs b.) boobies c.) bewbs d.) funbags e.) breasts
  8. A

    What's your fav position?

    You know...when you're going to sleep? Do you lie on your side? back? stomach?
  9. |Overlord|

    Your fav pc title of all time

    Well title says all, what is the best game title you have ever played. I would say for me, Doom3. I'm yet to play F.E.A.R or Q4, but I enjoyed blasting the crap outta some of those monsters. RTS wise, I guess I liked aoe2 the ebst, played it like there was no tomorrow at lans, But now the...
  10. Growler

    Your Fav. Breakfast Comboes

    OK- state here what your favorite, best tasting, ideal breakfast combo is. Or... could be lunch or dinner. Just state whether it is Bfast, lunch, or dinner and then the combo :) Breakfast... Bagel, with lox and creamcheese.... and a nice Hot Chocolate.
  11. Gama

    Ur fav games

    Post what is the best games you played ff7,8 and 10, ff9 disappointed me Diablo 1 & 2 Sword of mana 2 (snes) Ice wind dale 1 & 2 Halo 1 & 2 swkotor 1 & 2 and lots more
  12. S

    Whats your Fav funny moment in DBZ

    Well over all the episodes of dbz there have been some pretty funny moments... mine would have to be when hercules desciples fight and that guy with the roses trys to fight cell and does that lil thing before he does so funny lol :laff:
  13. D

    [I'm Bored]Post Your fav PS2 games for me plz.....

    I already own kindom hearts,FFX,Jet li rise to honor,gta san andreas,ff3(i thinki)+chrono trigger(the rereleased versions for ps1)Yugioh the duelist of the roses,DBZ B3,X men legends,and Smackdown Herecomes the pain.Used to have NBA Street Vol.2.So like the title says post some good games that...
  14. S

    Post your top 5 fav suggestions

    okey, there's 1 rule, you can only select one of your ideas. This stops whoring and gets more variety, everyone likes their own, we already know that, so give the other people a chance. mine: 1) Model options - http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=54339 2) trunk's speed -...
  15. M

    The old fav

    i havnt seen this one for i while and i really liked it, it was real fun. Ok as Cobra said b4, first u say something like freeze or burn to death, and then the next person posts their answer and says something different. Have fun!
  16. N

    fav dino

    what is your favorite dinosaur? my favorite is the velociraptor.
  17. J fox

    fav mortal or immortal race

    the human race sucks in the pc world thay can be called tarrans for there cappabillaty to live enywhere eny way this post is about what mortal or immortal race u like in eny game or video etc hmmm i think mine is a khajiit
  18. A

    Fav Anime Charachter

    What's your fav anime char? Also would you like to be him/her? (OPTIONAL!)Why? Mine is...... Sasuke from naruto. No I wouldn't like to be him.
  19. A

    Fav MP3?

    Last one I ****ed up on. Mine has to be #9 and #8.
  20. R

    Your Fav thing to do to Anger People in ESF

    I made this just for fun lol, i am bored and i was making people so infuriated with me today in servers, just cuz i had a few hours of boredness haha. I just a game with people who hate melee because its for "noobs". *Yeah, those kinda players* When im in there all i do is melee melee melee...