1. Zeonix

    American Children Are Fat

    But British kiddies are getting fat at twice the rate of Americans. Some things just shouldn't be imported, gents. Source:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1289376/British-children-getting-fatter-twice-rate-Americans.html
  2. Optimus Prime

    Fat Princess: TFC on crack.

    A game that PS3Fanboy describes as "Team Fortress meets Pikmin meets a high-carb diet," and that IGN has dubbed as "the result of some screwed up cloning project involving Animal Crossing, Strawberry Shortcake, and Warhawk," with 32 player online matches, this game could be hilariously epic...
  3. Kaination

    Zomg Teh Kaination Loses Fat Thread

    Okay, well, as I swore I'm going to lose weight during the summer. I've been fat all my life and now that I'm a senior in highschool, I want to lose this tubbyness so I can get laid more often \o/ Anyways, so, anyone have any tips for working out? Should I do it in the morning, afternoon...
  4. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Don Carlos the fat pimp and an imp

    Well, basically because the forums told me to post, I'm posting... Only one sketchpage, but still a post (now the forums can stfu again >_>) Due to school I haven't been able to spend a lot of time on my own to doodle around a bit, but this afternoon I had some free time and doodled around...
  5. F

    Can someone please give me the ' Fat Buu ' Model?

    I'm after the Fat Buu Model from ESF 1.3 Beta. Just to put into my ESF 1.2.3 For a while. Would anyone be able to msn or email me it? Thanks [email protected] - Msn/Email :) Buu
  6. S

    Fat Tax

    I gots myself a political idea, this is totally fictional so i dunno if this is allowed rules wise, but mkay, here's my idea. Basically, you would have regular checkups with your doctor (some disabilities wud be excused), keeping record of what your personal weight is, each person would be...
  7. Growler

    3dsmax8 Fat Buu

    Ya, thats right... I got 3ds max 8!! Ok, I started over with fat buu, check it out
  8. JTR

    Fat Buu

    Well.. Haven't posted here for a while.. Havent really had much time for modelling either.. Been busy with school... But after reading Growlers thread I wanted to finish my old buu... I dont think I ever showed it in public, but it's quite old... Credits to Davidskiwan ;) Here goes :) ...
  9. Growler

    BTL - Fat Buu

    Started Tonight - Thanks to Skiwan for the GEORGOUS REF!
  10. Z

    Fat Buu Model

    I don't think this model looks too good (the others looked quite alright). First of all Buu is much more PINK, though by the pic it looks like it's a kind of skin-gravel color. Also I think the tummy isn't right, it shouldn't be formed by to parts, only by one big and more rounded one (or make...
  11. MONXver2.0

    Fat boy slims weapon of choice video

    I know everyone has seen this by now, but I felt like revisiting old memories. Walken is my favorite actor. Seeing him dance is something behold. :laff: http://www.astralwerks.com/fbs/woc/
  12. lust

    Fat lady dies after being surgicaly removed from couch

    http://www.wftv.com/news/3643877/detail.html its old, and dont flame me because others might not have seen it..
  13. J

    this is why i leave "fat" guys alone >;o

    click meh harshness >;o
  14. |Overlord|

    new fat buu attack

    i reckon that buu should have this attack. in his short stand off with ssj3 goku he used his belly to squeeze the crap out of him . the way this should come up is with a ps bar aswell i think . anyway what do u think ?
  15. S

    Trunks model - ready for skinning

    ive finished the non ssj of trunks. its my first pbp model and my first skinmap. if anyone wants to skin it catch me on aim or pm me. and if u skin it u can alter the skinmap anyway u want. heres a pic of my attempted skin (its my first :fight: ).
  16. Nuttzy

    pan WIP

    i started her yesterday, with the intent of trying out my newly obtained skinmapping leetness, (i learnt a few things i didnt know before), the skin isnt done thats just the base skin that ill be adding the details over, her pants are mirrored with no visible lines where the skinmap overlaps...
  17. T

    Vegito Model + Soundpack?

    *Read Topic Title* Does Anyone Know Where I Could Get These Two Things? ;/ :( O_o o_o :p
  18. Z

    fat pack and a dwarf pack

    wat do you thinkshould i make them ?
  19. TwisteR

    ESF Model Credits

    I think it would be a good idea if someone made this a sticky I know that when some people dont give the proper credits, the real moddeler gets mad. And when the model editors use something of one of the esf models they say something like "credit goes to the moddeler of vegeta" or goku or...
  20. grOOvy

    Permission of Owners: NEW RULE!

    -12th June, 2003- The moderation/admin team of the ESF forums have talked over this and here is a new rule for all new releases as well as the WIP. :notice: Every model edit made or posted on the forums must be approved by the express permission of the original model maker. :notice: If...