1. Brim

    For all of you ManBearPig fanatics out there

    Don't travel here much anymore, but I remember having some spirited arguments on the subject. So I love to throw out these little tidbits just to see what everyone says back. Brainwashed little puppies ManBearPig

    To all f-body fanatics

    CAMARO WILL HAVE A LS7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because Corvette will supposbly go Corvette ss with 600hp with a ls9 engine oooooo sh.. so fortunaly the 2008-09 camaro will end haveing a new ls7 engine under the hood with probably 460hp :devgrin: and Firebird will most likely be coming back to with a...
  3. Jarrstin

    First ESF Fanatics Interview with Stryker!!!!!!

    Follow the link to read about the great mapper for ESF, Stryker!!!
  4. Jarrstin

    ESF Fanatics Poll #1

    Ok...I was wondering what you guys would like to see the most out of all these choices. Already, I have a potential interviews with several ESF staff members and a huge tourny system...I just want to see if you guys would be interested in viewing those. Let me know what you think or your ideas...
  5. SaiyanPrideXIX

    ESF Fanatics = Closed, ESFStuff = Okay?

    Quick question: The thread for ESF_Fanatics is closed per the advertising rules, but...I've seen open ESFStuff threads all over the forum. Is there a reason why they are being treated differently, out of personal curiosity?
  6. Jarrstin

    ESF Fanatics Opens!!!!!! We need staff and other openings...

    I finally got the site up. *link editted* Right now, it's pretty generic. But I need staff. I have a huge list of the types of people I need for the site such as Graphic Artists, web designers, modelers, moderators, and way more. The idea of the site is to heavily promote the ESF...
  7. Bryggz

    MuDvAyNe fanatics post here!

    I'm sorry but in case no one has ever paid attention to my sigs or avatars, yes, I worship MuDvAyNe, I think their ingenious musicians, and their lyrical depth is amazing. Another other Mud-People in this forum? If so have you seen them live? Or have anything to say on them just in general? I...