1. O

    "Download esf leaked"

    Hey guys i think there's a problem.Someone who I didn't know (Kripni92) send me a PM! just look at it than u understand the problem!
  2. M

    1 year = 0 development. (Fake bullshit)

    In the last entire year, there's been 0 development. They just repost the same models that have been done for years and videos of shit that has been done for years and pretend like they're still doing anything. The mod is dead and never releasing, these people are full of shit, fact. --- edit...
  3. Mr.Lukyas

    Moon Walk'69. WAS FAKE???!!!

    Moon Walk '69. WAS NASA'S HOAX???!!! :shocked: I read an article in newspapers, that says that American Moonwalk was fake. It says it is the biggest lie in history oh humanity by NASA. The people are giving us some facts from the moon picture: 1. There were shadows in 3 different...
  4. Alkon

    Alien Interview (Real or Fake???)

    I found this while cruzing around on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNlzZRDgoTw What do you guys think is it a puppet is it real? I'd love to here your feedback personally i think its a real but im only 60% sure.
  5. W

    Its a fake right on the front page

    I really hope that message on the front page is an april fools joke. I mean it probably is but lol. I think they did this last year tommorrow there better be a post on the news of the home page the last post was an April Fools Joke.
  6. majin uub

    Some more proof, that it is fake

    in the first sentence of the letter it says, "in the recent MONTHS, a game know as esf has been widley circulated across the web" recent months? esf has been going for like what...4-5 years??
  7. Punishing

    Is Dragonball AF a fake?

    Dragonball Af really exists?Because i found an opening video of Dragonball AF and i found a site that claims to be the official site of Dragonball AF.
  8. Enix

    Fake HL1 Shader [not cell-shading]

    Just started this project yesterday, and I have already developed my own little technique for giving HL1 model's a smooth shader feel, but with a price. Basically it's just putting HL chrome to a good use. Keeping your diffuse texture but also adding chrome. I'm not sure if anyone else has...
  9. RavenTrunks

    After Image Fake.

    Ok, i was thinking, after images are usless when gone through, people can quickly turn and attack after going through one, so i thought of something that would make after images more useful. If i left a after image and the perso was charging at me with melee, He should Attack the after...
  10. J fox

    fake death

    i think there sould be something there so u can fake death like u r in mid air and u press f and u fall to the ground like u were killed in the air this would be good if u were low on ki or want to go undetetded
  11. (SS2S) Kakorot

    fake moon attack and asaru apes.

    I reckon that there should be asaru apes in the game. All saiyans can go into the asaru ape apart from Goku (and maybe Gohan). You should be a asaru ape for about 5 minutes and (unless your Vegita), you become a spectator. The reason I said apart from Vegita, Vegita is the saiyan prince and can...
  12. G

    budokai addon- fake or what? check it out

  13. KilledWithStyle

    Fake SSJ

    I don't know if it has been told to ya yet, but I did a few serches and I saw nottin. So here it is. The moment you all been waiting for. FAKE SSJ DEMO. Let me see, Heres how ya do it: First go ssj. Then press accend and decend buttons at same time. (with considerateion that you put more...
  14. SaiyanPrideXIX

    DBZ Live Action Movie -- Fake...?

    Even though it's posted on the official DBZ site, the information posted about is foolish enough to be fake. First, it doesn't come from Funimation or Fox, but rather, from some someplace I personally have never heard of. The official site's news posting has the label of it's soure as "Saiyanz...
  15. Raven Blade

    Pan Re-Skin WIP

    Pan Re-Skin WIP (edit) & Vegeta Decided to take a vacation from skinning but am back skinning anything I can get my hand on so if u have a good model that is for want of a better word "NAKED", then pm me as it seems there is a fair few good models out there but th skins applied are something...
  16. Jonesdaniel

    The fake way to go ssj2

    Well, when you are ssj, if you click accend really fast and press decend while doing it, you transform while staying in the ssj skin. This makes it look like ssj2. I just wondered if there was a way to somehow bind this to a button, to save me from having to click really fast?
  17. GoldSaiyan

    Ki pictures, fake or real?

    http://theteachingsofki.tripod.com/ki/id15.html Woah, this guy must be obsessed with DBZ. These pictures is likely fake and edited, his imagination and bragging about Ki is just as fake as his pictures are. What do you guys think?
  18. I

    NEW Skins for every model.

  19. D

    USSJ5 Goku

    Hey For the swarming amount of people that wanted a USSJ5 Goku here yah go and enjoy. www.geocities.com/mvasilakos p.s no more e-mail requests about this model please
  20. S

    at last i got another lazy friend to scan my drawing....

    here u go. no ref pic. only my mind http://www.geocities.com/s_t_s_om/pics/pretty_girl.txt ok, there.... what do u think? btw....its out of propotions cause i wanted to make it so...not cause its a mistake