1. zz12345zxc

    When can release the ESF1.3

    Month calculation or Year calculation I think within 2011 What about you? (sorry My English is not very good)
  2. B

    Broly esf1.3

    Hi guys i want to ask, broly will be in esf 1.3?:)
  3. J

    new video of esf1.3???

    i found this its not on this website but it seems to be 1.3 with many more characters
  4. Capo Loks

    esf1.3 beta newest release

    hey i was wondering if anyone knew the latest version for da beta thnx...:D
  5. Tenzo

    esf1.3 promo song

    i would like to know the name of the song from the esf 1.3 promo video plz! the artist is dmx but i don't know the song name... :D help
  6. -Blaze-

    Suggestion for downloading esf1.3

    As you know, esf 1.3 might be in a big size, so i suggest to make download in parts. Example: esf1.3 install part1. esf1.3 install part2. and so on. Thats the way how to download it faster.
  7. S

    ESF1.3 ????

    hey there i was reading som post and came some topic by that 1.3 is out but i can't find where ik can download that 1.3 ??? or can somebody help me out of this dream greets, sweet
  8. X_Freez_X

    ESF1.3 is for hl2 or not?

    ESF1.3 is for hl2 or not? please tell me... :smile:
  9. john_volkov

    what do you thing is new in esf.1.3.????

    I hope its mucth beter the the oldversion and I hope that android18 has infinit ki and gynu boddy change cool stuff and a other melee attack much beter like for exempe i what when i enter in the enemi whith melee not just to hit him i what the enemi to hit me to
  10. 009

    ESF1.3 New Beam Struggel System.. idear ?

    Please see DBZ Episode 176 Then think about their beam struggel And take a look at this pic's Insted of the orginal esf ps system.. then make it like the episodes... the ball thing... the bigger they pl is the bigger the ball get.. and the more ki they have that change what way beam...
  11. 009

    ESF1.3 Transformation

    They say that ESF are only based on DBZ episodes... Not DBZ movies Not DB or DBGT Only DBZ episodes... good ! You seen Dragon Ball Z - Return of cell Goku teleport cell to mr.kaio, cell are doing selfdestruction, but cell didn't died, he come back 'killed' trunks... bla bla bla...
  12. M

    models idea for ESF1.3

    i have an idea can u make the models look more like cartoon ones like ZEQ2 will have :laff: if u cant make it to ESF 1.3 offical realise then could u make an MODEL PACK then. Just An Idea...