1. Nemix

    enable "sv_cheats 1" before starting the server?

    So you know in 1.3 ... you can change your powerlevel if you made the server i do a lan server... but everytime i've got to write "sv_cheats 1" and than "restart" so the powerlevel command works... can i enable / activate "sv_cheats 1" before starting the game... somewhere from the desktop...
  2. The Deco

    Setmaster: Unknown command enable

    Yeah, im getting that when I try to use the steam dedicated server when im starting a server for any game, third party and steam games. I tried firewall unblocing, I even turned the firewall of just for a few seconds to check if the firewall gives me the problem, still major fail. Im...
  3. majin-vegeta

    How to enable free fighting

    How do I enable free fighting? When I make it in the game, it just start a team battle. I remember I read some post some time ago with some file you had to delete, but I cannot remember the name. Please help
  4. H

    How do I enable global,and team chat on a HLDS??

    Everytime I hit y and try to write something when I submit the message it keeps showing #Cstrike_Chat_T or #Cstrike_Chat_CT..depending on what side I am..and doesn`t show the actual message..it`s like a chattin` block or something.I want to know form where I can enable chat.So all messages will...
  5. H

    How do i enable the other attack like the sorwd

    How do i put the other attacks on
  6. S

    How do i enable dragon balls into the game.

    Is there a command of some sort?
  7. C

    This Is How To Enable Voice For ESF

    if any one wanted to know how to turn the voice on so u can talk threw a microphone on the servers this is how u do it : 1) go to your esf install location (SIERRA\Half-Life\esf) by default 2)open a file called Config.cfg open it with wordpad 3)add bind "t" "+voicerecord" to the very...
  8. Cold Steel

    I beg of you guys.

    Normally i don't make requests but here goes. The maps that have been created so far where small or have water in it. And my crappy voodoo card can't handle the water. So i'm asking one of you "cool" mappers to create a map without water that is pretty huge. There's one thing i haven't seen yet...
  9. Deman

    enable the spray logo!!!

    the subject says it all... nothing is cooler than spraying a logo on a wall just for the fun of it.