1. DracoHeart

    Electricity Overwhelming Special Effects

    Ok there is 3 suggestion about special effect here I made up. It will be really cool if they add this into the next version because it looks nice. 1st) When you trans, usually there is the yellow turbo aura around you, and when you open your legs wide crunching fist shouting in pain. During...
  2. DaMan


    LIke when you perform a beam or another attack that uses ki, the character could have electricity around himself and the attack it would make it more like DBZ :)
  3. R


    can some one draw me a goten (teen) or gohan (teen) or GOKU (teen) or vegeta (teen) with short hair and electricity flashing around them i wanna see wich one of you have: -inivation -imagination -skill -brains k any one up to the chalange

    I have a AURA sound with ELECTRICITY!

    I have a aurasound with electricity, but it is not from the show. I think it is not bad. I need somebody to host it. QUESTION: Are there some electricity sounds? ONLY electricity NO Aura. ***EDIT*** !!!!!!!!NEED SOMEBODY TO HOST!!!!!!!!!
  5. K

    electricity spirit bomb

    i was watching spanish dbz ,it start at 9:00 a.m channel 22,ne ways..in the begginin thingy...it shows goku makin a spirit bomb.. and it has electricity all over it and all over gokus body.. i think they shuld make that?do u?or wut do u think shuld be added?
  6. Demi-Shadow

    Aura pack - Help needed

    Ok.. as a few of you may know, i've been working on an aura pack for the current version with some improvements. I have tried a few different techniques but I still can't figure out how to add to the current aura. Here's a list of ideas I would like to add, if anyone knows how please post...
  7. F

    Conflicting moods

  8. M

    SSJ2 and 3 goku

    If anyone out there is skinning a ssj2 or 3 model... can you reply with it? And.... a little suggestion for the next mod. If the next step in transformation is ssj2... will there be electricity like in the show?O_O
  9. V3g3t@


    if a saiyan gos to ssj2-3 you see electricity flowwing it would be nice on the models i think
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