1. W

    How To Get EVM, EEA and BTL?!?!?!?!:cry:

    I just got ESF 1.2.3 but i need EVM, EEA and BTL! Plz Help!:(
  2. ssj3Viper

    What's EEA & BTL?

    I have ESF for a half of year or so and i ask all of you WTF is EEA and BTL. P.S. I have heard of EVM i have it, i use it, i like it.
  3. -Blaze-

    eea install doesn't work

    I tryed to install eea again(ahh, good old eea), but when i start eea.exe, it doesn't install. Can someone upload a rar file with all files already installed? I miss eea so much.
  4. D

    1.1 EEA Bots

    can someone tell me how to add bots for EEA (esf version 1.1)? i know theres a command line you need to input but i cant remember what it is. i would check the EEA forums but funnily enough EEA's completely dead...
  5. S

    about eea

    i wouldnt post this but the topic the says dont post eea doesnt tell me where i should go to talk about eea so can someone tell me
  6. J

    EVM and EEA, sites don't work

    BTL works (the site) But the other 2 don't EVM i can't find the download and EAA doesn't work at all! :shocked:
  7. S

    EEA Mod

    i wasnt on another server i was in models folder but i want to know what EEA is. Is it another addon for ESF?
  8. S

    EEA link down..

    I rly want EEA but i cant seem to get it cos the link doesnt work.. can i get it somehow?
  9. Growler

    Wait, maybe its EEA...

    it wasn't evm i wanted, it was EEA, can someone clue me in on how I can DL that and if it still even works... thanks :smile:
  10. R

    wth is EEA and EVA?

    wth is EEA and EVA :confused:
  11. G

    eea 1.0

    eea 1.0 works in esf 1.2???
  12. M

    EEA Models..

    Hey, I realy liked the models of eea.. Shijing converted the frieza model 4 model, and i just wanted to know, anyone planing to convert the rest of the models of eea ? I realy liked their Goku.. tnx in advance.
  13. E

    question for evm and eea

    i just downlaodded eea and adon for esf and i installed it. how do i get to turn ss2 and the eea site is all dead links they should tkae it down
  14. D


    i have the file but it wont open why???
  15. Gogeta1

    Where to get EEA or EVM?

    Could someone tell me where to get EEA or EVM, cos I dont know where I could get them? o_o ?
  16. M

    EVM vs EEA

    which one is better i want to dl one of them, so it would be nice to know which one to get
  17. @lv/n

    Will EVM an EEA be compatible with ESF 1.2?

    Hi! I'm wondering if you ppl know if EVM and EEA will be compatible with ESF1.2 and by the way if ESFBot 3.1 will be compatible with ESF1.2 ;) Hope you can help me.........
  18. E


    yeah hi i was playing along on a LAN server i created with i am as goku right ... i used the dragon balls a few times and so on..... ok i kinda went wierd then... i will describe as best i can.. i transformed into a ssj then i went ssj 2 about 70000000 then when i got to about...
  19. W

    how do i go into eea after i downloaded it

    i downloaded it and the only thing i could find is the activator and i dont get it plz assist me :confused: :confused:
  20. I

    soundpack for Goten request for use with EEA

    Hey guys i need some transformation sounds for Goten to use in EEA and EVM. can someone make this for me?