1. Growler

    Hosting an east coast ESF server

    ESF died... I wanna revive it by hosting an American east coast server. If I did, who would want to play again just so I can see if it's worth it... Also... I needa talk to someone about hosting That is all.
  2. sub

    Fidel Castro returns from seclusion to warn of nuclear war in Middle East

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/13/fidel-castro-on-cuban-tv-middle-east-iran-us Thoughts
  3. nihao

    Amen to the East

    Thank you guys for keeping an east server open, we should hold tourneys or somethin, or try and find out how to market and increase population again. bring back the old days.
  4. H

    should we go to the war with russia, china and enitre middle east?

    http://ukpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5j_dufAI0nmPQJFZ9CzWresvTVyKA i am so fury about this. they went too far!!! i guess it's time to let out all we got to punish those evil axis nation. they gone too far this time. if we go for war most of muslim state will supporting iran and china...
  5. csr8566

    the OTHER war in the middle east

    the war between the radical Palestinian's and Isralie's. please 18+ only *link removed* if anyone else looked at this....did you just stare and realize that "i've never felt so ignorant in my life"
  6. Brim

    NBA East Finals

    So I'm a Pistons fan living in a Pacers world. And after tonight I'm loving it. What do you all think about this matchup?
  7. Tons of Fun

    what happen to the esf east and west server's ?

    i just wood like to know if ther ever comeing back on ?
  8. S

    esforces.com US East servers?

    What happened to the East Coast esforces.com Servers?
  9. peanut

    ESF Tourney in south east houston

    Hi im here to advertise an ESF tourny that i will be hosting at Toe's Online Gaming. If anyone would like to enter it will be on June 26 in the south-east side of houston. Directions can be found at www.toesonlinegaming.com The entry fee is $5 and there WILL be a cash prizE for 1st and 2nd...
  10. A

    East And Central Servers Exist!!

    i want an explination y the east n central servers just appeared early this morning for me.. say.. 10hrs ago.. there appeared like a dream.. ive been waiting for this moment with these east servers..:cry: and then as i went to sleep and awoke.. first thing i could do was check out the servers...
  11. A

    Does an East Coast Server Exist?

    will someone tell me if an east server exists?? 1 in canada hopefully... ive been lookin long and hard... i think its time for u all to let me kno where to find the legendary est coast server:laff: plz come thru and let me kno of n e thing.. if u r canadian.. let me kno of the servers u play...
  12. A

    there is no east side server

    can we please have an east side server set up plz? its really hard to play this game online with others wen i ping 200+ and they ping100- i would like esf staff to understand this.. for some reason there r 4 esr west side servers.. a little much dont u think? yet there r no east side server...
  13. Mr.Bugskin

    Convert Saddam model?

    well can someone convert this model for esfplease cuz i wanna kill saddam many times and heres the download mdl its a conter strike model and pic http://www.weapon-hacks.com/html/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=641
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