1. M

    Battle for middle earth 2

    Who's got it so far? I love this game, i loved the first one, the customize your own hero thing is awesome, currently i use a uruk custom hero that has the abilities to burn buildings to the ground, due to using firebombs, or oil spills, its great. My other hero is a custom wizard, with a...
  2. Growler

    Google Earth - The Game

    Ok, for all of you who don't know what Google Earth is, Check it out HERE. The point of this game is for someone to zoom in on a relatively known area, take a screenshot of it, blot out the name of the landmark/area/w.e, and try to have people guess where/what it is. Whoever guesses the...
  3. Skyrider

    Congratulations to Earth Special Forces

    Thats right. I'm congratulating ESF & everyone in the team, and for those who have helped. On, ESF v1.2.3 has been in the top #3 most downloaded files for almost 5 months now (ESF was almost #2 or #1 every week), and also has almost reached 200.000 downloads. (195.363 downloads so...
  4. Zeonix

    What do you think would be necessary to conquer Earth?

    Im thinking the answer is me, but what do you guys think?
  5. KarrdeKNR

    Earth and Gravitation

    Yeah so ok, this is kinda unrealistic in terms of our current level of technology, but is gets me thinking nonetheless. I've been reading the book "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene, which basically expounds on Super String Theory (aka String Theory). This basically is the current approach...
  6. D

    mmm.... battle for middle earth II

    yes it's coming's looks truly dling one of the 70mb vids from ign of what it's really like... who else is with the hype on this one?
  7. TwisteR


    My friend sent this link to me on AIM, I thought it was kinda funny.
  8. Kaination

    What on Earth are these songs!

    This has been bothering me FOR THE LONGEST TIME! What are these two songs: One is on the ytmnd, you all should of seen it before. (no its not what you think it is, you horny bastards) (this song is addicting as ****, I cant stop listneing to it!) And this...
  9. Keiha

    Google Earth

    Hey, im trying to look at a town near mine and its not very clear compared to major towns like new york or whatever, is there like a clarity button or something? thanks :P
  10. DragonDude

    Explore Mother Earth, from the comfort of your own home! This is just amazing. I've been playing with it for about a day now. Some places are such high resolution that you can easily depict a sailboat leaving harbor, cars in a parking lot, and even the famed California building that many have been finding on Google maps...
  11. M

    Earth's special forces. PROBLEM

    Ive download this mod, i installed it to the directory of half life, all correct. But when i launch the mod, and i start a new game it says an error: "Couldn't load libary froma esf\cl_dlls\client.dll" . WHAT's Wrong?
  12. F

    Earth Special Forces

    I have watched all dragonball, dragonballz, dragonball-gt epesoides. In addition, I have played all the dragonballz games going back to the super nintendo games, and to as recent as Dragonballz:sagas, budokai 1-3,etc,etc............... Im telling you right now, that all these games are poor...
  13. D

    Earth special Forces Source?

    Will there be a ESF source? I think that with the graphic engine in hl2 esf could get one of the best mods ever... i would share it to all my friend if it did exist and play it over the internet li´ke a mad man... Consider it... :yes:
  14. suicidal_maniac

    Empire Earth 2 Demo

    I played it for abit a little while ago. Seems cool to me. Most of the features are in it, but play options are extremely limited. Just post what you think of it. Click here for the demo.
  15. K

    vote earth special forces to ClanBase
  16. L

    Earth's Special Forces Problem? Need Help!

    When I Try to Install Earth's Special Forces Beta 1.1, I get a error Saying An 1/0 error occurred while Installing a file. Can Some one help please and thank you :confused:
  17. B

    I need the good cd key for earth's special forces please send me

    I need the good cd key for earth's special forces please send me Send it to [email protected] maby i'll give you some downloaded gba roms with emulator and you may have them all i have 300 games
  18. M

    Vote for Earth Special Force in Clanbase!

    Vote For Earth Special Force in Clan base!! Q:Whats clan Base? A:Its a Website ( where u can post your Clan and find fight match and u can see who plays with cheats etc its verry good to know! Q:Why Vote for ESF in Clanbase ? A:Becost first it have to be added...
  19. O

    Help, where do i place the Earth special forces file once downloaded?

    I downloaded the file but i don't know where to place it.
  20. B0Bmaster40000

    A Song From Middle Earth

    LMFAO! :laff: This is the worst song I've ever heard. How lame is it. Some people should not be alowed to write songs...or sing...or record... go there and download the song to listen.