1. liad

    World?s Dumbest Hacker

    this isnt mine i found this funny irc log on the net : Found a forum discussing the world?s dumbest hacker and I believe you have to agree, the guy really is the world?s dumbest hacker. Below is a copy of the post made in the forum: *** Start *** This is a transcript of the worlds...
  2. Kaination

    Post the dumbest internet ads you find.

    You know those internet ad games that are like, 'Hit the duck 3 times and you get a free cell phone!' Well, recently, I started seeing them running out of ideas, and them making some of the most retarded ads ever. Try to post the ones that are just plain stupid :> Kind of a...
  3. Kaination

    I feel, like the dumbest man alive.

    Most of you know, I broke my shoulder. For about a week now I've been moaning and complaining with nothing to do. Just now I look at my PS2, Pick up the controller, and voila,, I can play ps2. I just have to sit sideways. :p :p :p wish i knew that earlier ;/ thought i'd share <_<
  4. Kaination

    far by dumbest thing ive done

    yeahg, i broke my shoulder. im typing with one hand so bear with me. anyways, me and my friensd went on our school roof at night, then we wanted to get down. but we coulndt figure out how. so after like 5 minutes, i said '**** it' and did a leap of faith. worst mistake. i tried jumping on the...
  5. Ashur

    Dumbest hacker!!!!

    http://www.jellyslab.com/~bteo/hacker.htm Read this its just to funy to be real :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff:
  6. ZeroNightmare

    The dumbest thing that scared you the most - II

    I was reading the closed thread and thought it was funny as ****... So it thought i'd post a few things of mine. One time it was taking the trash out and i didnt have any shoes on. When i picked up the trash a mouse came crashing into my foot, it freaked me out. One time i was with...
  7. H

    the dumbest person u ever seen/met!

    omg do i h8 this guy... he is dumb.. and a ****head and even ***!! dont beleave.. ? REMOVINATED srry for this pic. and srry if i gave u an heart attack :p P.S u cant see his ARSE or what ever and its no porn just a stupid classm8!! so if u give me a warning then a 50 % warning and not...
  8. C

    The dumbest thing that scared you the most??

    LOL mine would be a shadow that seemed to follow me inside my house.....I SWEAR IT looked at me and smiled....I ran outside in my pj's and picked p a rock waiting for this sonva ***** to come and get it. I then realized i was in my pj's and that scared me even more that people were gonna see...
  9. E

    Quite possibly the dumbest site ever...

    http://www.demonbuster.com/boyce.html All I have to say is, LOL!
  10. S

    Greatest Picture Ever!

    hahahahah check this ish out...funniest picture ever http://tweak.8k.com/images/flinger2.gif total of like 20 frames and about half an hours work