1. Pommy

    My second drawing

    this is the second one I drew. Its all freehand but I used tutorials to learn how to do it. its not the best but I like it. <img src=http://www.oasii.com/images/drawing/random_draw1.gif> please post comments :D
  2. KrazyKarl

    Brolli Re_revised.... Brolli3

    Once again... I have tweaked him...
  3. KrazyKarl

    Drawing of Trunks Kneeling with Sword

    I just drew this pic right now so I just wanna see what kinda crits im going to get from it... im not possitive but i think this is the first future trunks i've drawn... oh well have fun ripping it appart
  4. KrazyKarl

    my pics

    hey guys, i have been out of the drawing game for a little while but here is a pic of veteta and trunks that I drew a long time ago and never posted... tell me what you think, and in a little bit i will have a pic of gohan on here as well so tell me what u think of that also... thanx KrazyKarl
  5. S

    here is my FINISHED vegeta. READ BEFORE U CRIT!!!!!!!!!!

    well, this is my finished vegeta. before u crit my drawing PLS READ THIS FIRST!!! ok, as u know i posted a goku a few weeks ago that i made during math class and it took me about 5 minutes. so u said it sucked. true, it did. a few days ago i posted another goku which u said was gr8 but...
  6. Packed Lunch

    ~~~!!!!! modelrequest

    please make an bardock (can get heaps of pics on google images) replaceing goku, along with a ssj model :D thankz.
  7. Ryoko

    Sig (crit me!)

    Yeah there they be. First sig since thread shut down! Crit me!
  8. [SAS]Orion

    Oh look I drew something

    I'm not a good artist, but still o_O How bad is it?
  9. Ryoko

    Which of my drawings do you like best?

    Which of my drawings do you think is best? Could you also say why please. 1) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/Ryoart.jpg 2) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/Ryokoartshad.jpg 3) http://ryoko.resistance-resonator.com/MangaRyoko.jpg 4)...
  10. R

    Dead Samurai

    I take no credit for the back ground, but I do for the samurai. I drew him first, scanned it, then coloured it on adobe http://www.deviantart.com/view/818049 peace:idea:
  11. dudeman

    SSJ2 Gohan drawing

    hey all, i drew a SSJ2 Gohan and colored it with computer, no examples where used.. opninions plz?
  12. Ryoko

    Some (imo quite bad) art from me

    Some (imo quite bad) art from me (+ a new wp) Well here you go. Its my ranma 1/2 drawings (my first ones)
  13. [SAS]Orion

    A drawing I...erm...drew

    Ok it's not great, but it's like my second drawing :P I know the face is iffy, but apart from that, what do you think? http://members.lycos.co.uk/orionsig/drawingb.jpg
  14. T

    Cable I drew

    Took me about 15 minutes to draw. Comments please.
  15. A

    goku i drew

    my goku kame hame yo ass foo!
  16. S

    Here some pics i drew

    Heres some Artwork that the ESF community might enjoy :) my friend drew these: Click the thumbnails for a larger view
  17. E

    sum of my art work

    ok i wanted to show sum stuff :S im not keen on this but i was bored anyway and im a bad colourer on paper, im better on adobe as the next pic ya prolly will see :tired: and and thats it ;) maybe soon ill put sum more up, im a mod texturer and web designer and you can...
  18. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Own Anime!!!!!!

    Hi guys/girls , im planing to make an own Anime with new characters , a hole story , etc. I just need some helpers (that can draw very well anime) and maybe some guys/girls helping with the storyline ! Nothing is done yet , cuz i dont want to start anything alone , i need something like a...
  19. p5yCh0


    heres a coloring of trunks from a pic i found on the net.. the black and white one my coloring job
  20. Mastasurf

    More REAL art

    <img src="http://www.esforces.com/~mastasurf/vegrock2.jpg"> just a quicky coloring job :0)