1. GoldenBlade

    ESF Downloads (Working)

    Since none of the links posted on the main page or the forum are functional here are some new ones just because. (Here you can find everything you need for ESF and some custom files) Earth Special Forces beta v1.2.3 full install Earth Special Forces v1.3 Open Beta Final...
  2. TourPallanen

    I am able to supply a mirror link

    Hey guys, Just thought i would let you know that I can supply a mirror link for esf downloads if you wish? my website is
  3. BankaiHyrainmaru

    Steam and half life 1 downloads

    Where do I download Half Life 1 and Steam?
  4. K

    Help why arn't the filefront downloads working

    We know that the mirrors on the files page aren't working. For now, download ESF from one of the following mirrors. ESF 1.2.3:;38840 ESF Open Beta: Final...
  5. P


    Hello I wanted to ask whether there new downloads is for new 1.3 final beta Like the stack ECX Big here 8.4 or goes also with 1.3 final beta:devgrin:
  6. M

    Free Music Downloads, Lawsuit Not Included

    Source: *I removed the P2P program names in the quote so that I don't violate the forum rules. *The censored word in the quote is e-m-b-e-d.
  7. Skyrider

    ESF - 300k Downloads! Congratulations!

    Congratulations to Earth's Special Forces. On, Earth's Special Forces has been in Top 20 most downloads every week (Almost #1 every week) for over 8 months, and now has over 300.000 downloads!!
  8. Gokhan320 downloads not working

    I've been wanting to download some new models for my ESF game but the site's downloads dont work, when I click the download link it just takes to a new window with the same page im already on. Can somebody give me a link to an alternate site for ESF downloads?
  9. mr Max

    Episodes downloads

    Anyone know a good site where you can download DBZ episodes for free? DB or DBZ, not DBGT, plz try and answer with a direct link Thanx alot guys :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  10. T

    file downloads

    okay um whenver i go on most servers it has to get alot of reasources the taunt and models and stuff...i hope you know what i mean. like when i go on one server it dont got to download nuttin...but the other servers all need the same thing and its annoying i still havent got throught the damn...
  11. G

    Sprite downloads.

    Hey guys I know how to download sprites and all but how do it get them to work on ESF?
  12. S

    Downloads on my HP

    Heyho! I've got a ESF-Clan page and i wanna put some downloads on it (maps, models. and s.o.). Is this alowed or not? (the page is not yet finished...)
  13. G

    U.S.A downloads

    anybody know were some American downloads are? I dont want to wait two hours so I can dowload from like Austria. :cry:
  14. D

    The Downloads

    First, esf-world had a 1.2.3 download for another version, but the problem is my comp is being a ***** and when i download it, it says the file is incomplete, can you guys put your own mirror to d/l it on here? thx, -Death
  15. Killface

    level downloads

    Hey, is there any way to download levels for esf or do i have to live with the ones i have right now? And is there anything i can download for esf like characters or whatever?
  16. Malarky


    would sum1 mind tellin me about .rar files, i downloaded sum things like skins an maps an that an sum o em r just .rar files, an ya cant seem to do anything with em, like lobbin em in the map folder an things :(
  17. D

    need downloads

    can some one tell me instrukshons on how to get esf working from instoling half-life to playing esf cheaz
  18. H

    Mirror to downloads

    Hi, I own and I would like to be a mirror to your mod. Our webhosting is very fast, and I have unlimited bandwidth. The link to your download for 1.2 Full is Here My email is [email protected] if you have any questions. Thanks, O_O
  19. M

    Naruto direct downloads

    well...for all of u guys that LOVE naruto but HATE bittorrent...ive found a place to direct dl the far they have them dling 84 as im typing this so head over to www.Ishouldn' u have to register but its free so its no big deal...after that go to the...
  20. SajaN^PridE

    ESF downloads

    Could someone please tell me some esf download sites, except and ???